Fear & Loathing in Leningrad

Posted on:December 13 2007

Leonid sent me some screenshots of an Irrlicht based game named 'Fear & Loathing in Leningrad'. It is not commercial and the project is now frozen. There are 14 locations & 8 characters in the game. It looks like this:

In short, the story of the game is: "The main hero of game, addict Slavon eats narcotic porridge and gets transfered into a parallel universe."
I've not much information about the game, but it looks very interesting, IMO.


hey, this looks very nice.
why is it frozen now? maybe they can publish their code to the public so that someone can finish the work.

the image in the upper right is my favorite. nice textures and shadows :)
2007-12-13 19:20:00

Looks really nice, and I love adventure games.
I wonder if it includes as much drug abuse as the book with a similar name :D
2007-12-14 00:00:00

Looks beautiful. Do you have an URL for more information why it was frozen?
2007-12-15 23:21:00

sorry, I don't have any further information, not even a url :)
2007-12-16 10:16:00


This one even cooler to show the capability of irrlicht as a graphics engine.
2007-12-16 14:32:00

Virion, those screens don't show Irrlicht. As the poster clearly said:

"I used my own HLSL shader for per pixel lighting, which in this case, includes, diffusemap, specularmap, normalmap and heightmap (for the bumps), environmentmap (more realistic reflections/lighting) and dirtmap (Ambiance Occ).

I'm sorry I can't share with you the code as it's part of my engine. I'm sure there's lots of tutorials online that you can learn from."

Irrlicht doesn't support more than four textures per material.
schon gut
2007-12-16 22:45:00

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