Nabla Nuts

Posted on:November 12 2007

Stefan Lulham created a small script based game engine named Nabla Nuts, which is based on OpenGL and irrKlang. It is simple, but interesting, especially because Stefan is developing a game, a tactical RPG with this framework, and blogging about his experiences while developing it. The script language is Squirrel by the way, my favourite embeddable language which I am using in irrEdit as well. Hardly surprising that Squirrel is that nice, it is being developed by Alberto Demichelis, a programmer who was in charge of integrating LUA into FarCry / the CryEngine.


But I heard that the programmer who was in charge of integrating LUA into FarCry / the CryEngine was "Wouter van oortmersen" of sauerbraten game and engine, and he developed Sqirrel. . or is this man and wouter are both same person. "Wouter van oortmersen" makes these both claims almost every where of integrating lua in far cry and developing squirrel. He has a long history of developing programminmg languages from days of Amiga. And sauerbraten is his original project. Please clear this dilemma, and provide right information.
2007-11-13 16:44:00

Ok sorry, no need to clear anything. This person "Alberto" developed Sqirrel and Aslo worked on Farcry/cryengine. I was confused with "Wouter" as he actually uses Squirrel and it is his favourite and he aslo worked on lua integration into FarCry / the CryEngine.
Plz dont mind
2007-11-13 17:02:00

squirrel rocks.
2007-11-14 17:39:00

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