28 Weeks Later

Posted on:September 13 2007

Movie recommendation: 28 Weeks Later. It's the sequel to 28 days later, a classic zombie movie. I didn't like the first movie that much, but because I like zombie as well as apocalyptic movies, I even own the DVD. :) But the sequel 28 Weeks Later, which now can be watched in Austrian movies is not comparable to its precedessor: It is great, from the beginning to its end, in every aspect, in my opinion. If you would have to categorize it just as we are used to do this with computer games, I'd say it is a combination of the Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake and Children of Men, two great films. A thrilling zombie movie mixed with high tech warfare, nice, authentic characters, and a credible storyline. What do you need more. It's sometimes a bit gory, but not too much.
So if you want to spend some money in the cinema, I can really recommend this one.


mmmh. i've seen him too but i think the movie is not good at all.
there's no story and to be honest, the zombies and stuff are a bit ridiculous :)

nethertheless if you want some entertainment you can watch this one ;) but dont expect to much ^^
2007-09-13 19:54:00

loved 28 Weeks Later, didnt even know it was out yet until i saw it at the theatre when I went and saw something else (Hot Fuzz, IIRC). can't wait for the conclusion
The Anaconda
2007-09-13 20:18:00

Go watch Land of the dead. Romero's a genius -- the best zombie movies were made by him! 28 weeks later was more or less okay.. nothing fancy though. "28 months later" is already announced as I've heard, wounder how many sequels we're going to see ;) (28 years/decades/centuries/.. you get the idea)
2007-09-13 20:40:00

Dawn of the Dead 2004 + Children of Men, I liked these two movies (I thought that Dawn of the Dead 2004 was not SO bad, and I LOVED Children of Men). As for 28 days later, I liked very much the beginning of the movie (before the "army camp" part) but I found the ending was bit ridiculous.
What you are saying makes me want to see this movie ;-)
2007-09-13 22:18:00

lol - worst movie ever seen ... i hate it, the story is complete crap.

hint: why is the army killing their own people (they were aware of the fact that the guy was no zombie)

hint2: why is the army shooting on a moving car (ever seen a zombie driving a car?)

oh and about the army girl who 'saves' the children:
- she knew the kids for 5 minutes -> "omg im gonna save you i swear i will *cry cry*" i mean ... common.

the story is crap. the movie is crap. end of discussion :)
2007-09-14 14:14:00

gfxstyler, I see you have some problems understanding the plot mate.
Army were ordered to kill everybody(the "red code" remember?), and rightfully so. Didn't you see how fast virus spreads? It makes perfect sense to me, that's exactly the point in the end.
I'm surprised they didn't nuke the place completely, including all army dudes, they were humans after all and a huge liability.
If army would be successful in killing these escaped kids
virus wouldn't spread to continental europe like it did in the end( because of that boy who caught virus then his father bit him and since he was immune to effects of virus like his mother, but still being a host to virus. ).

and about that that girl who "saves the children". She did so because she thought boy has inherited his mother's immunity against virus and can be used to make vaccine.

I agree that story wasn't a strong point in this film, directing was, but in zombie genre plot is not that important, thus this film comfortably made my zombie flicks top-10.
2007-09-14 23:31:00

I intend to watch this one when I can because I liked 28 Days Later, and it's set in the UK which is always more fun when you're from there. Always fun to see zombies rolling around a place you know than some anonymous shopping mall. Also one of the reasons I liked An American Werewolf in London. I really liked Children of Men, I thought his old & faded 'London 2012' top was a nice touch :)
2007-09-18 18:15:00

It is a great movie. The sense of urgency in the whole movie. I watched this movie after you blogged it (I never heard about it before). If anyone likes zombie movie then he will surely appreciate this movie, I think it equally entertaining to land of dead. Luckily I got DVD here, since our theateres do not feature much foreign movies except matrix type. Only one thing : When does zombies started running like maurice green.
2007-09-20 17:29:00

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