Development Scheduling

Posted on:September 05 2007

I had planned to work off a lot of delayed Irrlicht work this week, because some of the major projects I am working on as freelancer and with my company should have been finished already, but the projects took longer than expected and planned. Fortunately I had expected this and will be able to compensate it a bit: I'll soon getting my hands on Irrlicht code again, yay. Which is just in time, because Hybrid, Bitplane and Luke already prepared and wrote a lot of cool stuff.
And my plan looks like this: Tomorrow, there will be a major new release of one of my other projects, and then I'll hopefully finally write some Irrlicht code again. I am also going to update the website design finally, with the new Irrlicht logo.


I was browsing and I noticed the mBrand link on was broken.
2007-09-05 17:49:00

nice to know :)
i am looking forward to your new stuff
2007-09-05 17:55:00

thanks, it's fixed now :)
2007-09-06 11:23:00

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