Google Adsense for Video Games

Posted on:August 21 2007

Sounds like a very interesting future for indie game developers, IMO: Google Adsense for Video Games. They are planning this for flash games first, but want to move this to real (sic) games later. Just like anyone with a small webpage can earn money using adsense now, maybe any hobbyist or professional game developer can do this with their games too, soon.
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Wow that's really cool, and also pretty bad. Makes me wonder how much you'd get paid for just for having Coca-Cola machines in a free FPS, or whether companies like Ikea, BMW and Audi will start handing out free models for product placement.

The bad part is how censorship via the in-game adverts will affect creativity, I don't think any major corporations would sponsor a dark, dystopian future where those very corporations are the bad guys.
2007-08-23 01:55:00

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