Back From the Desert

Posted on:August 13 2007

Finally I'm back from holidays, and ineffective Irrlicht promotion tour - unfortunately, the grains of sand weren't that interested in my brand new Irrlicht shirt:

But at least it attracted the attention of a few younger hotel guests - I guess because it looks like a web 2.0 logo. (It's actually a bit shinier than looking on that picture, lots of people already asked me if they can get one for free after seeing me wearing it) :)
Now I have to work down the mountain of mail waiting in my inbox and read the news, blogs and forums - as I've heard for example DirectX 10 has become obsolete already during my holiday. :)


welcome back!
2007-08-13 20:45:00

Hey Niko, what happened to the hot red head?
2007-08-13 22:54:00

Can you send me a shirt like that?
I live in Mexico, contact me :P
2007-08-14 00:35:00

Hmm, is this a 'guess the location' compo? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess 'Vegas'. I'm pretty sure it's not the Mohave. But then, given your dislike of the US then perhaps you went in the other direction and this is somewhere like Turkey? Hmm, not too many clues in the background there :)

Hope you had a good time.
2007-08-14 10:42:00

My first guess would be Tunisia, the scenery reminds me of my Sahara trip some years ago. But the Canary Islands or Egypt would be possible as well.
2007-08-14 13:15:00

You look quiet fit and slim for a graphics programmer who works so much( I had never seen your full photo anyway). The article says that there is not really any improvement to be concerned in Dx10.1. so I atleast didnot have a heart attack as the article claimed. Anyway all this Directx juggling may well become free PR for opengL 3.0. as it needs only hardware regardless of os. Anyway DirectXTechnically is better than DirectX 9.0c but the main question how many people have windows vista and Dx10 Hardware. And even if a persn has vista currently it is just eyecandy due to lack of applications. I remember my freinds Vista crashed first day just after installing Virtual cd emulator(daemon tool to be precise.) And XP was aleap from Win 98 whereas Vista is now (looks like a backward step in many directions) Remember the annoying administrator account. Hopefully all gets sorted out in Vista SP1( and atleast Dx10.0 runs in SP1). Hoping to see Dx 10 Irrlicht and OGRE some time soon but Dx 10 itself is a clumsy boy at the moment. Any way XP + Dx9 or OpenGL 2.1 rocks for now
2007-08-14 13:16:00

welcome back and nice t-shirt by the way ;)
opengl seems to be the future :P
2007-08-14 17:00:00

hehe, I think spreadshirt also delivers to mexico :)
didn't want to make this a quiz, but hybrid was right, it's Canary Islands, so not really a desert. :)
2007-08-14 19:19:00

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