New Irrlicht Test Data Source

Posted on:August 03 2007

Although Irrlicht now supports the direct import of about 15 3D file formats, one of the problems for Irrlicht users is to choose the right one for them. This week, I started to do something about this, and the first step was to get some test data. Fortunately, I've a new source for realistic real world 3D test data. Details will be announced in the near future, they've been kindly provided by RABCAT Computer Graphics with cool looking game resources.
The original mesh data wasn't in an Irrlicht Engine supported format, so I had to write an importer for this. I quickly hacked down an irrEdit plugin to import it, and this took me only about 15 minutes.
The lighting and shadows were calculated by irrEdit's built-in lightmapper afterwards. The scene contains about 100 different materials and a huge amount of polygons, but irrEdit was able light this within just a few seconds, nice.
I'm not an artist, but I really like the result. More about this soon, but unfortunately not too soon: See next blog post.


Wow this looks cool ;). Ok Niko see you in a week.
2007-08-03 13:15:00

Looks veery nice!
Maybe you should focus on Collada (plus animation import), I'm qutie happ with it, although it really could be clearer in some points of it's official documentation - because the inconstistency leds to various incompatible implementations.
2007-08-03 13:25:00

Wow! I feel like a fat kid tied to a chair and niko is Stewie from Family Guy rubbing a cookie under my nose saying "You want a cookie...hmmm? You want it?"
2007-08-03 14:50:00

The lighting is looking very nice. High-quality art really does your engine justice.
2007-08-03 17:56:00


i totally agree with you ;)
2007-08-04 00:39:00

This is a dream come true, actually i am working in a videogame project and we are having seriuos problems choosing formats, i want/need a format with a nice blender exporter, suporting animation exporting with tags, support some nice materials and if is posible have the OPTION for export all i a single file, i mean 3d mesh, textures, bones, materials, shaders in a single and beautifull .irr3d file from my blender, of course some people prefer all separated, at least with the option to copy all maps and resources in the destination folder of the exportation. Irrlicht rules, Blender rules, Kerkythea rules and amazing things are waiting for us.
El Master.
2007-08-04 17:38:00

@El Master

Why would you want a single file? This would prevent you from sharing textures/meshes/shaders/bones/etc between objects making your distribution enourmous.
2007-08-06 15:09:00

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