My annually don't-bug-me rant

Posted on:July 16 2007

It's the time of the year again - my inbox gets fuller. A huge part of the Irrlicht Engine users are pupils and students which now have some more time, and some people do not care to take a look into the forum but prefer to send me various questions - from 'how do I write a game' to 'what is the correct way to set the second parameter in the shader when running Irrlicht on D3D10 class hardware in $some-operating-system-which-I-have-never-heard-of-before$". :)
So also if I'm usually answering (yes, everyone gets an answer anyway if his mail wasn't classified as spam) with a short "please take a look into the forum, I have no time, sorry", I am a bit slower answering mails these days. The positive aspect: I also get to see more nice pictures of projects using Irrlicht. An extract:

Infiltrated Neophite by Vinicius Marques Terra, takes place in the University UFMG, No lights, no shadows, early A.I.:

Amulet of tricolor, a cool looking commercial game by WiredPlane Labs team, Razinkov Ilya. It will soon be published in Russia:

Yep, it is a 2D game, done with Irrlicht which is a 3D engine :). It looks as it also has some 3D effects, but I'm not sure. Words from the programmer behind this game: "During development i was never dissapointed in my choice - Irrlicht is really great engine to develop on, flexible and stable". Nice :) (related forum thread)

Some unnamed project by Alexander Fürll:

Don't hesitate to send us links and shots from your games, I'll blog about them, in most cases. Be sure to include some short description and a link. Always nice to see projects done using Irrlicht.


yeah nice.

gonna mail you some stuff the next weeks :)
2007-07-16 19:18:00

Don't hesitate to post higher resolution screens.
2007-07-17 03:44:00

There are also pages on the wiki to announce projects and games using Irrlicht. Everyone can edit those pages so go ahead yourself!
2007-07-17 09:35:00

Can anyone tell pros/cons of using Irrlicht as an engine for a 2D Casual Type of game as opposed to frameworks like PopCap, HGE or PTK? Irrlicht has a scenegraph, which may even ease the scene construction (you don't have to explicitly redraw everything).

What are the cons, please, please?
2007-07-17 15:13:00

you can use 3D stuff in your 2D games (particles, 3d models etc), shaders, and I don't know about the other libraries, but irrlicht uses the hardware acceleration of your 3d card. :)
2007-07-17 16:56:00

Most of casual engines support 2d-only type of graphics (HGE, PopCap). With irrlicht you are not so constrained - you can add 3d elements anytime you like in any point and that`s cool! Besides that Irrlicht environment very friendly for making portable games. You will get a game for Mac and Linux in addition to PC - all in once! The only engine that support this type of things is playground SDK (may be others, font know)
Although i didn`t try to port Amulet of tricolor, i`ll do this with my next game, since Mac is a good market for casual games - for free with Irrlicht :) Another good stuff - support for different animation formats. That is more 3D stuff, but can be handy with casual games
2007-07-18 11:50:00

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