Dungeon Lords

Posted on:May 28 2005

I just tried out the Dungeon Lords Demo. To be honest, just because I needed an excuse for not learning for the next exam and because I didn't want to program that database stuff for university now. So I downloaded the Dungeon Lords Demo1 and installed it. The warnings in the readme file which was displayed at the start of the installation program made me shiver:

"This build of Dungeon Lords does not support multitasking using alt-tab under Windows. If users shift focus to another window or application, such as when the stickykeys notification appears they will be unable return to Dungeon Lords and will lose all game progress before the last save."

Translated: Our programmers weren't able to reset the D3D device when it was lost. The other warnings were telling you that there might happen strange things in the game, for example that some object and characters won't appear. You won't be able to continue the game when this happenes, so you would have to restart the program and loose your game because of this.
Didn't sound good, but anyway, maybe the game rocked anyway. I started it, and it really looked nice. Cool graphics, nice engine. But after playing around a little bit, I noticed that I was playing against a random generator, not a game designer. If you just don't move in the game - no matter were you are - every 2 minutes a new group of monsters will pop out of nothing next to you and start to attack you. And that's already the whole game. When you realize this - and you do this quite quick - the whole fun is over. Because it is no fun to play arcarde like monster mass killing. There must be more in a role playing game. Not even DiabloII was that stupid.
Anyway, if they manage to get all those bugs out of the game,make it fun to play, replace the random generator with manual placed monsters and add a story and some character interaction, maybe it can get a nice RPG.

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