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Posted on:May 15 2007

For the last weeks, I've been testing Google Analytics, a webalizer on steroids, statistics for your website. It works just like google ads, you only need to sign up and add some java script code on the pages you want to be counted. And it's free.
They just've redesigned the whole interface of Google Analytics, and IMO it now looks better and is a little bit more clearly arranged now. I used this service for some time on the blog part of and just only logged into google analytics to remove my account because I am actually not using it anymore and noticed the new design. So why not shorly blogging about it before I'll never see it again, I thought :)
I can really recommend this, if you don't already have built-in stats into your blog software. What you get will look like this. That shot also may be interesting if you want to know some details about my blog.


Very nice!
Glad to see the site's popular :P
Also didn't realize they redesigned it. Hmm, maybe I'll start using it again...

2007-05-15 23:31:00

ooh didn't notice those.. i've been using it on for about a month but i only get like 10 visitors a day hehe :)
2007-05-19 19:41:00

I knew that there is something like Google Analytics, but never use it. I'm going to try it.

Thanks Niko for advertisement :)
2007-05-23 16:30:00

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