irrKlang 0.7 released

Posted on:April 13 2007

I just released a new version of irrKlang, my free 2D and 3D audio engine for Windows, Linux, C++ and .NET. This release contains some few user requested feature enhancements and bug fixes (details here).
Nice to mention is that irrKlang is now more popular than irrEdit. And that editor already is very popular, being about half a year older. I am also happy that non Irrlicht Engine users seem to start using irrKlang, at least I'm getting mails of people telling me so. Would be really interesting how much they are, difficult to tell from the download stats.
Next things to come: The long awaited static lib (it's already finished, but I have to figure out the release conditions first) and events. And if there is something else missing for you, just tell me. It's hard to guess what people need sometimes.


Now that irrKlang is getting old there is a request i would like to make. Is it possible to add a sound/speaker node in IrrEdit. Its kind of like the light node in that in has a radius and works on the principle that the closer you are to the speaker the louder the sound and the further the fainter. Well this is just a thought niko. I remember when irrKlang was young you had put it in IrrEdit so i think you already had this idea. ;)

BTW I still think irrEdit rocks so don't give up on it..
2007-04-13 09:42:00

There is an Irrlicht node for irrKlang on the forums...
Also, Is sound capture available? if not, how soon can we expect this? it would be useful in network games.
2007-04-13 11:14:00

nice work niko..keep it up!

but pls do not forget irrEdit...
2007-04-13 13:27:00

i need support for MIDI. a midi file is very small and can be distribute trought internet. convert it to ogg\mp3 make the file very big
white tiger
2007-04-14 18:44:00

try converting your MIDI file to XM (e.g. via
2007-04-16 04:57:00

That's very clever, because irrklang supports xm. Good idea.
2007-04-16 07:20:00

nice work!
but returning how long a sound is would be nice
2007-04-18 15:56:00

that's possible with irrKlang 0.7
2007-04-18 18:20:00

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