irrKlang 0.5 released - including support for Linux

Posted on:February 19 2007

I just released irrKlang 0.5 with some major new features: Linux support (via ALSA) and a winmm output driver for Windows. I also fixed several bugs and added some minor new features such as the option to (un)pause all sounds at the same time, thanks for the bug reports and all the suggestions and ideas.
As this is the first Linux release of irrKlang, I would be really happy if you could try it out and report any issues: Just download irrKlang 0.5, go into the examples/01.HelloWorld directory, run 'make' and start it via './example'. It was a bit of work to make the 3D sound engine run in Linux, especially with the crappy documentation and debug interfaces in that OS, but as everything is working now I'm quite happy. There is some room for improvements and optimization, but this will have to wait for the next releases.
In addition, I updated a bit and changed the default example .ogg file of irrKlang. Previously, it was a song composted by me in 1999 (still available in the old irrKlang packages) but to take care of your ears, I decided to replace it with a CC 2.5 licensed song created by shockshadow.


Wow. I'm impressed.
2007-02-19 19:06:00

2007-02-19 19:47:00

Keep it up, niko!
2007-02-20 01:57:00

Hey, great!

But it would be better, if I could get it to work somehow here. ;)
1. No 64 bit support
2. Compiling with 32-bit chroot fails as well:
"../../bin/linux-gcc/ undefined reference to `__stack_chk_fail@GLIBC_2.4'"
I use g++ 4 and have got version 2.3.6 of libc6, there isn't any newer version available through apt (Debian Sid). Which version did you use to compile the library? Or is that error caused ba something else?

That would be easier if you released the sources... *duck*

"CPP = g++"
"$(CPP) main.cpp -o example $(OPTS)"

I'd change that to:
"$(CXX) main.cpp -o example $(OPTS)"
That's afaik far more common, CXX is already preset and you can change it from the command line more easily.
2007-02-20 11:26:00

I have the same problems as described above. I have a amd64 OS, too, and the example doesn't compile on my x86 system because I don't have glibc2.4 ... I am running Debian Etch on both machines.
2007-02-20 16:37:00

it was compiled using Ubuntu Edgy Eft, and most people seem to have no problem using it. I'm no linux expert, and don't know where you could get that version for your os. but I'll investigate a bit when I have some time.
2007-02-20 19:29:00

"forceReloadAtNextUse" rock!!
2007-02-20 20:19:00

Niko - below is my comment from the .4 release and your response. Please add c# support soon. I honestly feel that Irrlicht and IrrKlang are designed better than some of the alternatives and the community is much more mature. An increased emphasis on c# for both of them would be a boost in my opinion. I have been able to produce some amazing results with Irrlicht and am looking forward to dumping DirectSound as soon as IrrKlang is ready to make the c# leap. I also want to thank you for all of the effort you put into your projects and the professionalism and courtesy that you show to the community.

IrrKlang looks great and keeps getting better. Any chance of a c# wrapper?

Nate (email) - 11 01 07 - 00:03

planned for the next release.
niko - 11 01 07 - 17:58
2007-02-21 05:53:00

I second that Nate. I too would love to see irrKlang in c#... but i am sure Niko is doing his best...
2007-02-22 07:56:00

do you, or will you have midi support for irrklang, i think this would really be awsome. Not nessessarily even .mid files, just notes. Like "playMidi(int length, int tone, int volume, int voice /* etc.... */);"
2007-02-22 10:13:00

yep, the .NET port is on my list (I already started coding it, btw), but I cannot to everything at the same time, I'm only human. :)
midi/tunes: hm, yep, why not. :)
2007-02-22 17:40:00

Wuha nasty, linux support have to test it at home ;))
2007-02-22 18:05:00

Niko is a coding machine, and I realize he is only human. Like many of the .NET coders (I started in c++ years ago) I use c# because I can develop very quickly using it. IrrKlang working with .NET is very exciting to me. I have a DirectSound 9 engine that I wrote that is very versatile that I currently use in my project, but I would rather use IrrKlang.
2007-02-22 19:34:00

Hey dude, once you have time to work on this again, do you think it is possible to add a function to play sound backwards/slower/faster? That would be awesome. Good work on this so far! :D
2007-02-23 13:23:00

Uhm cant compile, it with linux 64 bit suse 10.2? ;(
2007-02-27 18:53:00

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