Want to go to University in Austria? Do 120 hours social service a year.

Posted on:January 08 2007

Since nearly today, Austria has a new Government and Prime Minister. And surprise, surprise, after the elections and the negotiations are over, not much is left over from their pre-election promises. Best example: The main party who got most of the votes promised to abandon the tuition fees, and a lot of students voted for them because of that. And now, after they gained the power partially because of this, they are saying that if you don't want to pay tuition fees, you will have to do social services for 60 hours each semester. WTF!??

I've never heard of something stupid like that. What do they think we are? Idiots? Ok, they are right. We are idiots, we, the common vulgar stupid people voted for them.
I know some students who have a hard time paying their tuition fees although they are not that expensive today, working their ass off to get enough for living, books and the fees and have time to study at the same time. Those would have profited if the fees whould have been abandoned as they promised, and they really cannot afford working additional 60 hours twice a year for this. Totally absurd. Although they didn't even start governing the country it looks like they are already going to break several other pre-election promises. This is another perfect example on how politicans don't care about anything unless they can gain more power.
I'm quite angry now.


Old people are the majority, I guess... still not a good thing
2007-01-08 19:27:00

perhaps they realized that they had made a promise they couldn't deliver. this sounds to me a lot like how Bush senior had to finally admit that we couldn't afford "no new taxes". i mean seriously, free university?? that has to cost a FORTUNE for the state. how could they POSSIBLY have actually expected to pay for it? I dunno what the fees are like now in austria, but I graduated in 2003 from a state-subsidized university in the USA but I still have >$35,000 in debt to show for it. College isn't cheap!!
2007-01-08 23:10:00

Austria has free public university system, even if you have to do community service, thats a sweet deal. Here in the U.S. public schools are state subsidized but a term of college can still cost 4,000 bucks tuition... per term! Of all the good things you could say about the U.S., public services sure isn't one of them! In many ways Europe is leaps ahead of us, the EU, public college, public healthcare.... etc....
2007-01-09 07:30:00

Well niko doing 60hrs of social services per sem and getting your full tuition paid is a wonderfull deal. I mean now all you have to worry about is getting cash to pay for your crib and buying food. Anyways its still kinda of messed up since they actually tricked people into voting for them.
2007-01-09 08:30:00

So...we're the public, and we're benefiting from Niko's work. Does working on Irrlicht count as a Social Service? :)
2007-01-09 12:50:00

for americans this probably sounds great. :) but up until about 5 years ago studying at an university was totally free in austria.

...the joke about the new social service idea is that it doesn't make a difference at all since students so far also always could have a normal job which pays their tution. also it's an affront to people whose real jobs are in the social area. these areas will be swamped with students who don't really care about what they have to do.
2007-01-10 07:51:00

In Australia a typical Bachelor's degree costs you around $25,000 AUD. It's a deferred payment. You get a loan from the government and have to pay it back. I wish I could do 120hrs of community service for 4 years to get rid of my loan!!! It's a good deal Niko - you have been living in a socialist regime for too long, and have become soft!
2007-01-12 05:51:00

Keiner zwingt euch, die soziale Arbeit zu machen! Im Sommer einen Monat Ferialjob gibt locker 1200 Euro. Das ist schon die Studiengebühr für vier (!) Semester.
2007-01-12 20:37:00

I know what was promised is not exactly what was given, but the deal is great. I pay 8,000 a year for a lower college. Working full-time and paying rent for a year will not leave me with a years tuition left over. I would trade my 2 weeks vacation + 1 working week for a paid tuition any day. All money from working would go to my pocket :)...Yah, that'd be the day.
2007-01-14 04:56:00

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