Bored? Two movies for you to watch

Posted on:November 09 2006

Originally I wanted to blog some cornell box screenshots today, but didn't have the time to do them, they are delayed for tomorrow. So instead here are two movie recommendations for the weekend maybe. If you have a girlfriend/wife and are suffering from the constant problem of finding a movie which is ok for both of you (we don't like love stories, they don't like zombies) I can recommend Un long dimanche de fiançailles, or better known as 'Mathilde'. Nice mix up of World War I and love story (see, I didn't compare it to 'Amelie'). The second movie is a complete different one, we watched it yesterday in the cinema.
Originally we wanted to watch Borat and already had the tickets in our hands but when we discovered that the cinema only offered the translated Borat movie, we decided to go for Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'. The movie is nothing more than a filmed lecture about global warming. Sounds boring, right? In addition, it is filled with IMO totally unnecessary excerpts of the resume of Al Gore himself. And furthermore if you are informed about environmental problems, there is not very much news for you to see there. But the movie is very good anyway. It simply throws plain facts at you and summarizes everything about global warming in those few minutes. Very informing and sometimes quite shocking. And if this wouldn't be enough: Some minutes from a Futurama episode are shown there too ("Solving the problem ONCE AND FOR ALL!!" ( So now there's no excuse left for you not to see it. :) Here's the trailer (


Watched it, liked it.
Oh dear, I can already see people writing comments here about how stupid global warming is. To those people: inform yourself before commenting shit.
2006-11-09 20:18:00

gutrid, Isn't it funny how so many people can disagree with almost the entire scientific community. Yeah, stupid. That is why the world's most intelligent people back it with evidence.
2006-11-09 20:23:00

A better use of your time that seeing a "An Inconvenient Truth" would be watching the South Park, Al Gore, "Man-Bear-Pig" episode. This summerises my feelings about Al Gore quite well and plus it has all of that, South Park goodness that makes you feel so nice. :0)
2006-11-09 21:29:00

I actually liked An Inconvenient Truth as well - not many new facts, but a good presentation of all the little pieces. And choosing to watch Borat untranslated was a wise choice. :)
2006-11-09 23:33:00

You can try love story with zombies: Shaun of the Dead ( For more current recommendation (better than Borat and 'Truth') go see The Departed (
2006-11-11 07:20:00

Yeah TSM, I always believe what the South Park creators say over scientist... always...

2006-11-11 09:02:00

@blah, I just said that it would be a better (more fun) use of your time than hearing about something we all already all know about.

I said nothing about contradicting global warming. I this SP episode stated my feelings about Al Gore ONLY. Maybe before you get on your high and mighty "you are ignorant" bandwagon you could stop and actually read what someone said. You are trying to attack someone for being ignorant of the "Facts" when you are clearly not aware of the facts about what the person said.

For the record I think Al Gore will try and jump on any movement that is going to spur contravery and get his name into the news even if that story is not factual (Note I did not say that global warming was not fact so STFU blah and have a nice day :0) )
2006-11-11 20:09:00

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