How to get rid of brain damaged lawyers

Posted on:October 18 2006

As you may know, there is this lawyer who frequently sues game developers because he asserts their computer games make kids behave more violent. He even claims it's the fault of the game developers that those violent incidents happen from time to time in schools, where a pupil runs amok and shoots or kills other pupils. This topic has been discussed a thousands of times and fortunately most people agree that this guy simply is a total dumbass and only wants to generate
publicity. Currently, there is a new case where this lawyer sues Take Two/Rockstar Games before their new violent game even reached the shelves. And as usual, all the media is reporting about it, ranting about the fact that this guy will never stop.
Of course, there is a way to stop him: Just stop reporting about it. It's not easy for the magazines and websites doing this, I know. It's a nice and funny topic, and a lot of readers will comment the article and start the default games-are-bad/lawyers-are-stupid discussions about it. People want to read stuff like this. But maybe the media could start by simply not mentioning the name of this lawyer. Wouldn't this be an idea? It's just how you would handle trolls in discussion boards. Heise for example did this already and is simply talking about 'a lawyer' in their article. Nice, although I don't know if this was their intention.


Good idea!
Jack Thompson
2006-10-18 19:13:00

2006-10-18 19:41:00

I guess R* hired JT for promotional purposes. Besides a big deal of dollars he receives free "Bully" copies for his children.
2006-10-18 21:09:00

It irks me. A game in which you have freedom, the freedom is the problem, let's take away freedom.
2006-10-18 23:12:00

Will have to remember Jack Thompson if I ever need some promotional info for a game. The public likes violent games, so why not get this crazy moron to talk about how violent it is. =)
2006-10-19 18:03:00

The man is an idiot. Has anyone seen the "I HATE Jack Thompson" T-Shirt over at

I'm sooo tempted to buy this :D .
Andrew V.
2006-10-21 04:06:00

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