irrEdit development on hold

Posted on:July 24 2006

Sweating. It's hot, here in Vienna. Development of Irrlicht and irrEdit has slowed down a bit last week because of this. And for now, I'm going to stop developing irrEdit for some time. But just to be able to prepare the next release of Irrlicht. This will take some weeks, but at least there will be some really nice new features in it. Hybrid and Bitplane already did some great work. :) Nevertheless, a last shot of irrEdit before I'm switching all my free development time to Irrlicht again:
Yep, I added some small enhancements to it, for example the capability to use Windows XP widgets. Not that great, but the editor looks a bit better because of this. And maybe also because I tried to make the icons look a bit better. Repainting pixels is a lot easier than typing. Especially when it has 32°C in my appartement, even at night.


How about sticking your feet into a bowl of ice cold water during programming? This is at least what I do at the moment (I have 30° C, in Berlin).
2006-07-24 20:25:00

looks really cool!
i guess your apartment doesn't allow air conditioners? my old one didnt, and wow that sucked when it was 90F and 80% humidity....
2006-07-24 20:28:00

Here in my city (middle Italy) since 2:00 pm I've 30° (sun,sun,sun) and then it's rain makeing the evening fresh... sometimes COLD (strange weather).
But this is not a weather blog... so Good Job Niko!
I'm also waiting for the new irrlicht release!!!
2006-07-24 20:34:00

First of all - looks pretty good to me :) Though I'm gathering it's going to be Win32 only now that you are integrating WinXP widgets into it. Looking forward to the next release of both Irrlicht (I've been following the SVN updates closely and I like what I see) and IrrEdit.

On the weather side - I'm Aussie. So for me 30° is an average summer day. We get up to 40° before things start to shut down :)

Eternl Knight
2006-07-25 06:01:00

looks good, cant wait.

im in the US, but I can convert in my head :D it was 39 C outside yesterday, cooler today 34-35 C. my room doesnt get very affected by the AC, so stays up around there, was probly 32-34 in my room the last couple days during day

but my region is a desert so it gets cool at nights, which is nice :)
The Anaconda
2006-07-25 06:22:00

Niko, thanks for not forgetting about Irrlicht. I really appreciate that.
As for the heat: Yeah, same here. My head is really slooow when having these unused temperatures. I counter by lots of alcohol, usally - which makes me even slower, but at least sleep better...
2006-07-25 19:53:00

We get up to 46C with the humidity but nothing shuts down.
2006-07-26 14:43:00

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