Dawn of the Dead - DVD

Posted on:May 10 2005

One of the best DVDs I ever bought is Dawn of the Dead. Not just because the movie rocks. And it really does. Because the content of the DVD. The german version which I bought includes - as today all DVDs do - the english original version, but not only the same pictures with another audio channel like you are used to from other DVDs but different pictures too sometimes. Because it looks like the german editors didn't think the german audience is capable of understanding any other language and cut out scenes showing english signs (wtf?). In addition, the subtitles translating signs which weren't cutable disappear too if you choose to watch the english version - that should be standard, but it isn't.
Ok, that wasn't quite impressive, right? The best part of the DVD: It contains 2 additional nice short movies of about 45 min additional lenght, telling the story of the gun shop guy and a news reporter. Really funny. Then, there is still more: A quite interesting making of, a short clip showing all cut out scenes (optional with audio comments by the producer) and a trailer of the movie Shaun of the Dead. And last: A really cool cover (to the left). Interestingly, only the german version seems to have that cover, all other covers I found on the web were completely different.
I was really impressed. All these features on one single DVD. And everything for only 9 Euro. My opinion: The features of this DVD are comparable to a 5 DVD Lord of the Rings special edition part which costs about 30 euro today (I think). More DVDs should be like this.


have you already watched "unDEAD" ? :
2005-05-10 13:04:00

Shawn of the Dead is hilarious!
2005-05-10 22:45:00

The best part of this movie is the sniper on the roof scene where they are shooting "celebrities". I was in pain from laughing so hard. You're right, a sweet movie. 9 euro isn't bad either. I buy all of my movies from www.amazon.de (to help me with my German), and you are right - way cheaper than in the US even after shipping to the states.
2005-05-11 05:44:00

The undead? Just heard of this the first time. :) Next movie on my list: The original Dawn of the Dead. :)
2005-05-11 07:21:00

Then grab the old Day of the Dead as it follows the same timeline.

Also, Romero will be putting out "Land of the Dead" this year. The two guys from Shaun of the Dead are zombie extras in it.

Also, if you really like zombies, there is a great fiction site at http://www.raptorman.us. His old journal was removed as he is now selling it in book form, but the forum has a ton of short stories. One of them being http://www.themorningstarsaga.com

Also, the German DVD cover is way more awesome than the "remake" cover here in the US. It's a touched up version of the original cover.
2005-05-11 18:16:00

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