Movie recommendation - Unser täglich Brot

Posted on:July 03 2006

Unser täglich Brot (german = "Our daily bread", english page here) is a movie about industrial food production. I watched it last week and it was really great. It simply shows production facilities, blooming fields and growing farms, without doing any comment. (So it doesn't really matter that it is an austrian film, no need for localization, the other 95% of all readers of this blog will understand it as well! *g*). The pictures shown there were overwhelming - not only ugly but sometimes even beautiful - (examples in the gallery) and I was impressed by them. After the film was over, I really thought about becoming a vegetarian. But well, about 20 minutes later I already was eating a steak, shame on me. :) But at least I'm going to try to buy only 'bio' products from now on.


good idea to buy bio products! it's usually more expensive than other products, but certainly better. I do it too :)
2006-07-03 21:27:00

saw it too, great film!
2006-07-03 21:40:00

"After the film was over, I really thought about becoming a vegetarian." lol :D
2006-07-03 22:31:00

If the cinema comes to a cinema near to me, I'll probably watch it, thanks for the recommandation. But it's hard if you live in Carinthia and not Vienna :P

But I saw other movies of those "omg I'm becoming a veggie!" movies. But I never could :) Although I can live a week or 2 without meet, but sometimes there is this hard loud voice in me, saying: "Eat a steak, NOW!". Well, that's nature, what can I do.
2006-07-04 02:28:00

What is a "bio" product? Is this like "all natural" or "organic" foods and produce? I personally don't like bugs in my food and prefer them to be disease free. I want both to be genetically engineered as much as possible to have more nutrients, be bigger in size, drought tolerant, and better in taste, etc...

And anyone who says we have not been genetic engineering foods and livestock for ages is an idiot. A farmer sees one group of tomatoes that are very large he will try to cross them with tomatoes that requires less water. A rancher will breed a bull that is very tall and skinny with a cow that is short but has a lot of muscle in order to get a tall muscular calf. There is no difference between these methods which has been done since the start of farming and the ones we use today except that we have a better understanding of why they work. You are still manipulating genes.
2006-07-04 19:07:00

2006-07-04 22:07:00

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