Printing T-Shirts

Posted on:June 12 2006

Dani posted some ideas for t-shirts for next week. Hm, I don't like them, I think I'll print some own statement. Then it's really mine at least.


you're completely right! create one with your personal statement, that's even better. I'll print one with a general statement, because I'd like to wear it almost everywhere. It means no photo of him, not even his name. It can be a political statement but not especially against -bush- himself but generally against every 'bad' politicians. That reflects my opinions about the wrong ideas of these bad politicians -george w. bush- belongs to.
2006-06-12 20:38:00

How about a statement if you are willing to add Acki's 'MultiAnimations with IAnimatedMeshSceneNode' to Irrlicht's Original Code..? =>

Sorry about posting to your private's blog offtopic... :-)
Duncan Mac Leod
2006-06-12 20:42:00

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