The read-only blog phenomenon

Posted on:May 27 2006

You are blogger and nobody is commenting your articles and posts? Feeling a bit ignored, lonely and confused because of this? Are you really that boring? Well, I don't think so, you're not alone. I didn't find any statistics, but I estimate that only about 0.1% of all blog readers will ever comment blog entries. Maybe this is how our society works, maybe people are too lazy to type their opinion, and maybe they think they've got no opinion, or none important at all.
Here is some news for you, readers: Bloggers really LOVE comments. Write whatever you want, even the most stupid thing you can think of, it's great for bloggers to read other thoughts and opinions on their blogs and in this way it is like a small reward.
Some weeks ago I noticed that when I was telling some of my experiences or ideas to people I didn't know before or didn't see for a long time and they sometimes would interrupt me with the words "I know, I read your blog", which kind of surprised me. After this I was ranting in this blog about the fact that nearly nobody of the average 500 (WOW!, btw) visitors each day is commenting, and funnily this helped a bit, people are now writing comments. Thanks a lot for that.
So, dear desperate commentless blogger: Keep on blogging. They'll read it, they simply just don't have the idea that a comment would be nice.


This is a comment!!! :-)
2006-05-27 15:30:00

I know what you mean,evidence is much the same for me. But then I also read a lot of blogs and only rarely comment.
2006-05-27 16:39:00

I'm reading your blog for about one year and this is my first comment, now you got one :). Keep writing this is one of the most interesting blogs I know.
2006-05-27 16:44:00

just finish the godm damn editor! he-he!
2006-05-27 18:32:00

I would not say that people are too lazy to write a comment, but you know sometimes there are topics that are only interesting to a few people. So what if you are not interested in a specific topic? I think most people only comment on things they are interested in.
2006-05-27 21:02:00

"i read your blog." is actually a great compliment :)
2006-05-27 21:18:00

Stop being a whiney little bitch. He he he... Just kidding love your blog and I really like your blogs about programming subjects.
2006-05-27 23:03:00

i read your blog every day.
but it's not often i leave a comment.
i think this is the third comment from me in your blog. %-)
anyway, i love reading blogs but i'm not really shure why i almost never leave a few words..
well, i'll try to have this in my mind everytime i read a blog! :)
2006-05-28 03:42:00

I'm a commentless blogger and I'm alright. Because 100% readers cannot access my blog as I did not send my blog's URL ! :-)

Perhaps, I will create a new account and comment my own blog with a "I read your blog!" just for self satisfaction.

Oh. By the way. I read your blog !
2006-05-28 07:43:00

Well, to be honest - I only comment on the actual blog posts I have that I have an opinion on not already expressed by somoeone else.

I mean, I see blog comments as somewhat of a conversation between the blog author and those reading it. In face to face conversations - I would get sick of fifteen people saying "Me too" or "I heard you". On the other hand, people coming up with insightful comments on my article/lecture is soething I would like to read.

I guess it depends on your perspective. I prefer the comments on my blog to responses to the article in question. If I want to know how many people have read a blog - it's easy enough to look at the "hit counters".

Eternl Knight
2006-05-28 08:56:00

I read your blog by the start of it and I really enjoy doing it. What about commenting you're telling true and don't stop bloging. ;) Keep us informed about you and your world. :) Have a nice day~
2006-05-28 12:39:00

just finish the god damn editor!!
it's an order, soldier. and dont ask stupid questions he he ;-)
2006-05-28 23:03:00

I only comment on your anti-Bush posts, but hopefully that won't be too much any more :P only joking. Yah, this is like my 8th comment. Maybe I'll start commenting more, we'll see.
2006-05-29 00:07:00

hey yknow the download link for irrNewtonSharp is broken on the site update you just did...
2006-05-29 05:17:00

/me reads your blog. you dont read my blogs. hehehe
2006-05-29 05:29:00

link fixed :)
2006-05-29 18:21:00

Oh well I better comment. um. Nice 3D engine!
2006-05-29 18:37:00

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