Editor Progress Week 4

Posted on:April 22 2006

Wow, thanks for all the very positive comments in my last blog entry. Must be a record for this blog, also if you consider the fact that at maximum only about 1% of all readers are posting comments at all on this blog (I think this can be generalized for most blogs, btw). For the weekend, here's a new shot of the editor I'm working on:
I have improved the interface a lot since the last update. It is now really easy to move the camera, select objects and move, rotate and scale them. I had to try out different approaches and also looked at how other editors are solving this. I wanted a solution which would be easy for people not familiar with 3d editors and which they would be able to use without having to study a manual or help page. So everything is now possible by using menu/toolbar commands. But for the more advanced users, there are shortcuts, of course. I think the interface of these very basic commands is very important, so I invested much time into this to find the best possible solution, and I think it is now really ok.
Update: The editor has been released already, download the Irrlicht Editor here.


Looks great. I love the Unreal Editor (which is obviously a CSg/BSP ed) so i'm not sure that's what you are doing (more an entity placer?) but i'm intrigued none-the-less. Should make a nice addition to irrlicht.

Keep up the good work!
2006-04-22 13:09:00

Looks really great.. Will this editor be a full fledged level editor or is it mostly for placing objects made in other 3d programs?
2006-04-22 17:09:00

Looks great!! Will source be available and could you maybe include a feature to place a 'placeholder' that would have user defined properties???

Anyway, look forward to using it!
2006-04-22 18:01:00

Really nice! When we can begin testing this?
2006-04-22 20:01:00

A suggestion: maybe a Max style movement tool for objects so that you can see the pivot point and then grab the ends of the axis to move or move in several directions at onces. This has always helped me with poistioning as you can easly move the objects exactly where you want rather than guess, type new position in, check, repeat. Great work by the way.
2006-04-22 20:37:00

looking forward to test this beast
2006-04-23 02:40:00

Looks really nice, and most important, useful. It should really enhance Irrlicht. Nice work.
2006-04-23 05:15:00

Really nice. Just what Irrlicht needed. I know it has beed said before, but this is just great. Keep up the good work, and waiting for a release.
2006-04-23 13:51:00

forum is dead:

message_die() was called multiple times. This isn't supposed to happen. Was message_die() used in page_tail.php?
2006-04-23 19:52:00

yay, forum is working again !
2006-04-24 01:29:00

No release date planned yet, and I also don't know what features I'll put into it at all.
2006-04-24 11:34:00

Does this editor also runs on Linux? But anyway. Nice work :)
Armin Ronacher
2006-04-24 22:42:00

Hey Nico.. This is really Cool I was planing to try and make a irrlich editor but I see you are on it. I am soo happy what can I say The best 3D engine Just got better.. Just a few things I hope you will add to the editor.
1. A Irrlich Map(scene) output file with event trigers and light map textures.
2. A Irrlich Model output file format with animations and texture.
3. A New importer in Irrlich for this formats.
4. A way to import md2 and .x meshes with animations to the Editor.
5. Can you add support for importing HDRI textures into irrlicht. Trust me this texture can make models look bloody amazing.
6. Not to do with the editor. but I hope you add support of .X animations in the .Net port.

Note The Irrlich File Format (map and model) doesnt have to be a new format you can just all the mesh and textures in there original format ans the put them in a Zip file like a quake.Pak file. with a config file which tell irrlicht how to setup the nodes and meshes...I am sure you will figure out a way to make work..
2006-04-28 17:56:00

Not to sound mean or anything, but shouldn't we leave Niko alone and let HIM decide what he wants to put in the editor? It's not like he's getting paid to do this stuff at all.

Keep up the good work, Niko. We all look forward to whatever you decide to do with your project :)
2006-04-29 04:43:00

Hi, your project like GOOD, I would like to create project like as your ,but for Linux :D . Could you send me BINARY (.exe) FILES or SOURCE CODE to my mail (mirekh2o@seznam.cz) to I know how I make it ,please ? Thank you very much , H2o
2006-05-16 17:07:00

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