Tomb Raider: Legend

Posted on:April 05 2006

I just tried out the Tomb Raider: Legend Demo. It's not an outstanding game (I never thought the TombRaider games have been that great), but nice to play anyway, the puzzles with the physics are ok and Lara is looking sweet as always.
I took the screenshot above right out of the game, it was rendered in realtime. It is not using the latest 3D techniques and - as far as I can tell with my poor programmer eyes - maybe not the greatest artists created the models, but this game is now looking better in realtime than the prerendered movie sequences of the first TombRaider games.


TR is not my favorite game, but it was cool to play a bit from time to time. I played -some- TR2, 3, and 4 (and yes, I am not such a fan of Lara, I bought them only when they became cheap), and I liked 2 and 4, because there was sort of a story. TR3 was really boring, I could not go very far in it... I should download the demo to look at the upcoming Legend Game...
2006-04-05 23:56:00

this is not the final release of the demo, in the readme it seys

"For installer size reasons on this demo version, the ‘Next Generation’ graphics option has been de-activated. However please check back after the 7th April 2006 for an update which will unlock all the high-end content and fully optimise the demo to that of the full retail version."
2006-04-06 04:28:00

ah :)
2006-04-06 07:58:00

hmm last time i saw lara croft she had square breasts and man-buttocks. i'm looking forward to a nude patch this time round :D
2006-04-08 04:46:00

After playing Oblivion, the graphics for Tomb Raider Legends is a big let down (actually, every other game graphics seem like let down after seeing the gorgeous Oblivion visuals).

I do like the wet-effects after Laura takes a swim. The controls on the PC is horrid. Whereas, the Xbox version's controls are on the spot. Hmm...I wonder why that is? Could it be that they developed for the game with the console in mind?
2006-04-16 22:08:00

Lug - any serious pc gamer should buy a game pad. It works wonders for games like these! :D
2006-05-02 06:47:00

josh -- Well, I caved in and ordered an XBOX 360 controller for my PC. I currently have a USB sidewinder gamepad. It works okay but lacks analog sticks. Once I played street fighter on my xbox using the analog stick instead of the directional pad, I was instantly hooked and have been a fan of analog stick ever since. :)

Unfortunately, I've uninstalled TB from my computer out of frustration. I may re-install it again after I receive my XBOX 360 controller. But I ordered the controller mainly so that I can play Street Fighter using the analog stick with MAME on the PC. ***drools***

I'm looking into porting mugen over to irrlicht. :|
2006-05-02 07:11:00

I think the PC controls are great...I hate pads for 1st person games, they're just too inaccurate and either scroll too fast or too slow whereas a mouse (I find) is WAAY easier to use. Just my 2c... =) The game is great, but way too easy...they could have put in way more levels and detail into the story (which is great too), oh well...
2006-09-15 21:06:00

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