I suck as webdesigner

Posted on:May 02 2005

During the last half year, 4 or 5 people contacted me, offering to redesign the webpage at irrlicht.sourceforge.net. I accepted, and some of them created a really nice new design. All of them painted it via photoshop or whatever. Nice way to do it. But none of them was capable of recreating that image in html/css/php. Two didn't try to do this at all, and the result of the other ones was.. well. Ugly and/or not usable. Sorry.
So, is this what a webdesigner does? I thought a webdesigner has to be able to code in html/css/php/whatever, not only to paint nice pictures? Ok, I totally suck at painting images, but at least I can write code. So I sat down and created a prototype for the new page on my own. It is all my own design, so beware. ;) Do you like it? Take a look here: www.irrlicht3d.org/playground/irr2/.


Well, I can say I like it. It pretty much the style of this blog, and it's simply cool.
2005-05-02 10:17:00

Such an awesome inprovement! Would love to see that as the Irrlicht site. You should consider using css for layout rather than tables. Much nice alternative. Also looks a bit different in IE to firefox.
2005-05-02 10:58:00

I don't like that the links on the top right turn blue when you move the mouse over them, because it doesn't look good on the violet. I'd suggest gray or black -> there ar enough colors already. ;)

I also think the menu shouldn't get strechted across the whole page... doesn't look good and you have to scroll unnecessarily.

Other than that(<-I don't even know what that means, but I think I've read that before. ;)), I like it. The current design is ok too though. :O
2005-05-02 11:00:00

Hm? To long? O_o (FYI: the end of my comment is missing. I said I like the design or something. ;))
2005-05-02 11:03:00

Ohh, and I also don't like that the banners at the bottom of the menu get highlighted with a violet background, too. Erm... that's cruel! ;D
2005-05-02 11:05:00

simple,clean,nice. :-D
2005-05-02 12:03:00

Thanks for the comments, I think'll change the colors. About the use of tables: I've used as much css as possible (but there is still space for improvements of course) because I want to use an editor which doesn't handle css quite well, and I want the page to look in the editor nearly as at the web. About the stretched menu: Looks like this is a firefox problem, going to fix it.
2005-05-02 12:33:00

Kind of reminds me of the one guy who posted on the forum that he wanted to do the webpage and decided to do it clean by having it be black, white, and a few shades of grey.

That depressed me.

On yours though, can you compress the sidebar instead of having the huge grids? That's a lot of scrolling to have to do to get to the right list.
2005-05-02 15:26:00

Just fixed the .css for firefox, it has a little bit other default settings, for opera and IE it worked well. Saigumi, maybe this was the problem, is it better now?
2005-05-02 15:44:00

i dunno, I never saw any problem with the old one. your prototype is a little cleaner maybe, a little slicker, but im not sure i see anything wrong with the old one. one thing you do is more tightly integrate the irrlicht page and this blog, so that the blog doesn't have to be in a new tab or window? Same goes for the forums... im more about adding features or integrating things that simple design or colros or something...
2005-05-02 18:19:00

Web designer is responsible for the visual design of the website, along with deciding what functions will be implemented. The web programmer is the coder of the site. Basically, designer->designs how everything will look and run, makes the graphical part. programmer->codes functionality. New design looks nice, only reccomendation, use the same exact template of that page for the forums, making the forums really fit into the site more.
2005-05-03 06:09:00

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