Broken signal

Posted on:March 19 2006

Checking in os.h;/cvsroot/irrlicht/Irrlicht/Irrlicht/os.h,v  <--  os.hnew revision: 1.2; previous revision: 1.1donecvs [commit aborted]: received broken pipe signal
I don't know if I now should not like my WLAN card, my WLAN hotspot, my provider, sourceforge, or CVS. But I think a change to SVN soon would be nice anyway.


I just can say that a change in our project from cvs to svn was really worth it!
SVN is just so much nicer .. with the AnkhSVN Plugin in VS05 everthing is really easy to handle.
Since a week or so, every time I want to update irrlicht or ogre over cvs it just won't let me and requests a pw! Smaller projects (like tinyxml) are working ... So how's the bad guy, cvs or
With SVN I never ever had problems...
2006-03-20 20:11:00

SVN works quite well for us, and it's so nice to move files around and rename them without losing the history. I missed this so much when I was working with CVS. And it makes me feel more secure to know that commits are atomic...
2006-03-20 20:11:00

After one year of SVN I've found a nice alternative. mercurial aka hg.

A very nice SCM system, and damn fast. Since it supports trac too I will switch my project to hg in the near future.
Armin Ronacher
2006-03-31 13:54:00

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