Krimhild has gone completely mad

Posted on:January 03 2006

This year it is the first time where a lot of snow is falling in Vienna. At least since I am living here. A lot of snow is falling down in front of the window of my room, and it is f*cking cold. But Krimhild, my roommate, is totally unimpressed by this. Since beginning of December '05, she is growing bigger and bigger, and is creating 11 - in words eleven - blossoms on two impressive huge stems (as far as I am counting). They are looking like this:
Very interesting. More interesting is that - according to some pages on the internet - carnivorous plants usually only do this during summer and if they have a very good time. Which I don't think Krimhild has, because - also according to the internet - I am doing everything the wrong way. Krimhild is standing directly above the heater, she doesn't get any food and not that much water (I'm quite clumsy). Not to mention sunlight, not a lot of it is coming through my window. Anyway, maybe this means she likes me, nice. But this could also mean that she simply wants to die and this is her last blaze up, before deceasing, hope not :)
Here's another picture, with my hand and a battery, to indicate the size of the stems:


She just likes being the star-plant of the Internet, Niko. That's why she's posing for your blog.
2006-01-03 22:31:00

2006-01-03 23:29:00

Maybe there is a strange radiation in your room? Your fingers look strangely big...
2006-01-05 22:23:00

I was just out looking at various Pivot blogs and thought I'd mention that we just released v1.30 beta 3 today! It has built in comment spam protection that you might find interesting. Upgrading is easy and you can always get any help you need from the "support forum": Cheers!
Kevin Pascal
2006-01-06 02:53:00

I'think I'll update when it's no longer beta. With the few anti-spam modifications I did to this blog, I'm quite happy now
2006-01-06 14:19:00

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