Excellent RPG package

Posted on:December 29 2005

I'm currently wasting a huge percentage of my free time playing Gothic. I tried it out because I already played Gothic II of which I got a free copy from my employer then (because he is publisher of the game) and I liked the game very much. I didn't know that Gothic, its precedessor was that good too, looks like Gothic II simply had some better marketing.

I didn't find a shop with the single game so to be able to play it I had to buy the Gothic Collectors Edition, containing 6(!) CDs full of RPG game data. It contains Gothic, Gothic II and the extension pack to Gothic II. If you are looking for a perfect tool to minimize your free time, just buy it.


Excellent choice. ;)

I bought that a while ago, too, even though I had already played Gothic 1. Gothic 1 is my favorite (singleplayer-)game.
2005-12-29 11:38:00

Yeah, while graphically inferior to Gothic2, I found the story and setting of Gothic1 more interesting. Anyway, can't wait for Gothic3. :-D
2005-12-30 18:28:00

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