War is not like BF2

Posted on:November 16 2005

The last sick bastard who utilized white phosphorus as a weapon was Saddam Hussein. But now, after several initial denials, the US admitted that they've done it too, in Falluja. Last year.
White phosphorus is a cruel chemical weapon. It burns you at about 1300° celsius. Down to the bones. If you somehow manage to escape, it is impossible to operate your wounds, because it will start burning as soon as the phosphor touches air again. But never mind, if you catched more than 50 milli grams, you'll die a wretched death after about a week anyway because it is toxic too.
In my opinion, no sane human would use such a weapon.


That's right! It confirms again my opinion that (real) war is insane.
2005-11-16 21:41:00

Why cant we all just play a round of starcraft and be done with it :(
2005-11-16 23:17:00

This is war is NEVER justifiable in my opinion. Politicians on both sides will bring up examples of just how bad the enemy is, but they're as bad as each other.

Anyone that thinks the US is better than the "Iraqi insurgents" is kidding themselves. Both sides use whatever tactics they need to to win. Iraq cannot compete with 100 BILLION dollars worth of military - so they use other tactics. The US uses landmines, cluster bombs, phosphorus weapons, torture, etc.

If you haven't figured out already - I hate war and I hate the rhetoric politicians use to justify it.
Eternl Knight
2005-11-17 11:08:00

It almost seems like some other agenda is at work here. Almost like a bad game of "Telephone" is going on in the news.

"We use WP for smoke screens as well as fire them into bunkers to scare out combatants."
"OMG They are using WP on people."
"WP burns people!"
"They are burning people with WP!"
"They are murdering civilians with WP!"

Like most chemicals, it's all about the concentration. WP in mass amount, like when Saddam used it, does kill. WP in small amounts, like your average smoke bomb is completely different.

I guess we'll hear more about this. I'll wait to start picketing and protesting until there is something a little more informative and less slap-knee.


The wikipedia page seems to be getting updated majorly - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_phosphorous
2005-11-17 15:10:00

As with all stories, there is more than 1 side or version. When the original question was asked if the US had used WP, they answered no, as they were assuming the question referred to WP being used as a chemical weapon. Because it's used in small amounts in other devices, the statement was wrong. If you read the whole story, you'll see there's no foul play here.

This happens in all phases of life. Celebrities all constantly misquoted, taking only part of their comment to insinuate something else. Lawyers do it in court, to try and coherse how their witness responds by asking for only a yes or no answer, and not letting the whole truth out. It happens in politics during debates and interviews. It happens at my job when I say, "I'll look into adding that code", or something like that, and a week later, they say, "Well you said you were gonna look into it, it's not done yet!!!!"
2005-11-17 21:34:00

RE:SaigumiRE:Eternl Knight
Thats not the point.The point is why we need war in the first place? Dont remember what century now is? Do get me right Im not that ever-whining USA-hater, nor I am hippie (Damn hippies). Just imagine you live in Iraq.
have a job, a house, then USA declares war against Iraq(or against terrorism?), but who worries about that sick idiot hussain anyway?so you continue your peaceful life...And then one day...
Whoops! bomb hits your home, what a shame, but hey, we are democratic America, land of Liberty, so now you will live in this wonderful tent with other lucky guys to share freedom............

I mean seriously, what would you do now if any govenment or person would blew your car(or whatever) or even just put you in somewhat danger? huh? -when I'll get my restitution! And dont forget about my moral damage, you know I could have died there!!*weep* *weep*.

Im actually not even blaming US for it.(although I am)
Coz I happen to know thing called "United Nations".
And now they look like bunch of loosers. helpless.

In my opinion if whatever wants a war, it must pay in ca$h for any potential damage or danger war will lead.

- then I will be happy and even relocate to Iraq myself :)

- a bit unrealistic to nowadays barbarian world. Phew!
Medulla Oblongat
2005-11-18 02:51:00

Is there any weapons that are pro-life so to speak. I have tried one of those phosphorous granade during my military service (Sweden) and as for inhuman I would say a 5.56 high velocity bullit would probably not leave you unaffected either. They are no pretty picture those granades but still I haven't seen a weapon that gives one.

2005-11-18 19:06:00

War is a crazy, merciless thing where human beings was/are/will be killed. This is the definition for it. As long as we have to face war this kinda sh.. things will happen. And politics lie. It is they nature. It is generic. No matter if it happens in US, Germany, Russia, India...

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people."
2005-11-19 21:48:00

RE:SaigumiRE:Eternl Knight

What You say is wrong. The US indeed used WP grenades to kill people i.e. burn them to death, with no flesh left on the bones.

we are NOT talking about smoke grenades here.

if You want i will provide You with several links proving this fact.
2005-11-25 18:34:00

I will give You one "prove" in advance, you can verify this everywhere.

(march/april 2005)
Field Artillery Captain James T. Cobb, First Lieutenant Christopher A. LaCour und Sergeant First Class William H. Hight:

"White Phosphorous. WP proved to be an effective and versatile munition. We used it for screening missions at two breeches and, later in the fight, as a potent psychological weapon against the insurgents in trench lines and spider holes when we could not get effects on them with HE. We fired ?shake and bake? missions at the insurgents, using WP to flush them out and HE to take them out."
2005-11-25 18:52:00

Hey Nick, this is fricken war get over it and run home to your mommy or something...
I'm not American, I am Canadian, but I, for once am not going to have my opinion swayed by every idiotic politician and media person.
Saddam Huissen was killing entire groups just because of their beliefs using WP, mustard gas and other things... this was GENOCIDE nothing less. The UN, being the morons they are, refused to do a single fricken thing about it. So, Bush, being the only person in a position of political power who gave a damn about the Iraqi people went in there and gave Saddam one swift kick. Sure, Sure President Bush lied when he said there were weapons of mass destruction, but this was so that he could go into Iraq and take down the group of people that were suicide bombing and killing off entire villages and cities of ethnic groups. People all say, "Look at Bush, what an idiot, the only thing he has done since he got in Iraq was provoke the terrorists, get bombed and kill innocent Iraqies"... essentially this is the Universal mindset concerning Bush, and it is bullshit. There were more Iraq citizens being killed and dying before Bush went in there, and Bush is actually preventing deaths in Iraq. President Bush went to Iraq and spent billions rebuilding their political system so that it would not allow for anymore "Saddam's" to rule and would allow for fair voting. President Bush took Saddam out of power. President Bush fought off all of the idiots with bombs strapped to them. The US army risked (and lost some) of thier lives for the sake of Iraqi citizens... the country is much more peaceful now, it's just that now that there is about 100x more media coverage on it, people think that Bush is causing 100x more problems HE IS NOT, BUSH IS HELPING IRAQ PEOPLE MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE HAS EVER HELPED THEM. So for all of you people who would rather not get "involved" and would rather just sit at your computer and bitch and complain about politicians I have to say this:
You need to open your eyes to the truth and shut out the media for once, look at the facts, less people are being killed in Iraq now than before Bush showed up.
This is a religious war, the group in Iraq that is causing the majority of the trouble believes that killing people who don't believe in their religion will further their religious status. Obviously there is something wrong with this notion. Bush is willing to try to put a stop to this, and no one gives a crap, In fact most people prefer to be idiots and bash Bush's plan to save Iraq.
2005-11-27 06:30:00

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