Best provider I ever had

Posted on:November 10 2005

Because I owned several domains, I now have some experience with lots of webhosters. And now that exists for some time, I think I can say:, the provider behind, really rocks. Thanks for such a great service. I never had any problems, the support is incredible, and the server fast and stable. So if you need webspace, domains, etc, try Mikas. Yep, this is some promotion. But it's the first time I'm really entirely satisfied with an ISP.
BTW: I'm paying 2,5 € per month for, quite affordable, eh? :)


You've never tried us ;) (or should I say: the provider I am working for)...

...and 'No' I am not using this post for advertising, so I'm not revealing the Name :-) !
Duncan Mac Leod
2005-11-10 22:34:00

and how many traffic does cause per month? (the 3gb of the 2,5€ offer doesn't sound like a lot.) i am always scared by these limits since it could expensive.
2005-11-10 23:14:00

I use InMotion Hosting. Incredible uptime and support!

A little more expensive than others, but the reliability and support is worth it! Been using them for over 2 years with no problems.
2005-11-11 23:40:00

No English version?

They seem good.
2005-11-12 01:56:00

I've an average transfer volume of 1 GB per month. And for this 2,5 eur account, I may have 2. If I should get more readers (unlikely, hehe) I can upgrade anyway. :)
2005-11-12 14:19:00

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