Wrote a new blog software

Posted on:October 22 2021

I stopped blogging regularily because my blog software which was in use since about 2005 was hopelessly out of date - although manually patched mostly for security reasons - but it wasn't fun to use anymore.

So finally, I sat down for two days on a weekend, and wrote a converter to extract the arcane undocumented database of this old blog software, and put it into a mariaDB-Database, and some code to show its content to you as you read this. In plain, good old-school PHP, just because.

On top of that, I created a simple new design - I think it is a bit boring but that's how blogs today look like ( - right? ). This domain is now also finally available via HTTPS - something I refused to do until now.

So, this is a new start. This blog will receive regular updates soon.
I have some interesting active projects to write about - including the game I currently work on (https://store.steampowered.com/a...), an update for a 3D engine and something new I haven't done before but which I always wanted to do. More soon.

BTW, try the new comment feature. I think it works. Any feedback and bug reports welcome!


Oh great! I was missing this blog. Looking forward to the new content!
2021-10-22 11:17:20

"an update for a 3D engine" cant wait...
2021-10-27 13:38:50

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