Deprecation not Appreciated

Posted on:October 26 2018

When starting a 32 bit app on the newer macOS versions, you get a message box which reads like this:

And I get a lot of support requests by scared users because of this. Asking me if the app is broken.
No, it is perfectly fine. Apple just decided to throw that at them, and blame the developer once they stop supporting 32 bit apps.

From my - the developers perspective, this is really a dick move by Apple. Really, suggesting that the app is not ok and scaring my users is not ok.

Especially when "deprecating" very important frameworks such as OpenGL, Apple doesn't seem to be in the position to claim which part of the software running on a computer is not compatible.
Maybe, when starting CopperCube on a newer MacOs, I should show this message box from now on:

Not sure if it would help, though.

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