RSS feed repaired

Posted on:September 03 2018

It took a while, but I finally repaired the RSS feed for this blog: Previously, all the links in the feed to the articles where broken, but they should work now. Please tell me if you find any problems anywhere.

RSS feeds went out of fashion a few years ago, but it looks like they are gaining momentum again, a bit, also judging from the amount of people complaining about this. Sorry for the long time it took me to repair this, it was quite difficult to debug this blog software, and took me three attempts to get it right. I'm still not exactly sure what caused this, since I'm not able to understand how it worked before, but from what I gathered is that something in PHP's API itself must have changed, and now returns a different string as before. When moving this blog to the new server, the link generation broke.

So I hope everything is fine now, finally.


Woho! Finally getting to read your blog again. Thanks for fixing it. :)
2018-09-03 22:29:00

I hope you were able to read it before, just not click the link to it?
2018-09-04 14:52:00

Well yeah, but I didn't bother opening the site manually or guessing the correct link, so I essentially stopped reading the blog. :
2018-09-10 18:34:00

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