Posted on:June 08 2018

I just took a screenshot of the exact moment where I realized that I am old now. A few minutes ago:

Nothing more to say. :)


Im working with CopperCube 5 years...I think after 15 years i will have the same reaction :)
Thanks for all good things, Niko!
2018-06-08 12:57:00

I stared coding using Irrlicht when I was 13 or so. I'm close to finishing my PhD has been a "wild ride" :)
Kai Mast
2018-06-09 03:52:00

I've always imagined you to be at least 60 years old. If you are within the same age range, I don't want to know, because I will be saddened if I discover that a human of a similar age could be so far ahead. If you are within the same age range, I will know that your brain is superior, but if you are over 60, I can pretend that I can also reach your level of intelligence if I practice for many decades.

As my body ages and withers, I will slowly become more advanced. This is my progress report so far:

1. I created a perfect non-human LookAt behavior within CopperLicht, and I ported it to CopperCube.

2. My constant attempts to compile the C++ source of CopperCube caused a sheer overwhelming sadness. Last year, I tried to compile it with "Visual Studio Community 2017", and I failed. Visual Studio requires a shameful amount of time to install, and it wastes gigabytes of space, while the "CodeBlocks" compiler uses only 250 MB of space, and it doesn't need to be installed. I've decided that I will never try that nasty "Visual Studio" program again.

Long ago, you complained about the RAM usage of the compilation software for Android devices. I hate nasty heavy programs, that's why I prefer CopperCube instead of the "Unity" and "Unreal" engines. I did not feel unity when I noticed Unity's installation size, and I didn't feel unreal when I noticed the size of the Unreal engine. The installation size of the Unreal engine is very real. Very, very real. I wish it would become LESS real.

I do not have a shortage of hard drive space, and my processing power is fully capable of using those heavy engines. I just dislike them. They should be lighter.

I tried to compile the C++ source of CopperCube with the "CodeBlocks" tool, and I also failed. Then, I tried to compile the source of "Irrlicht 1.8.4", and I was successful. I double-clicked the EXE file and my practice code worked. I will build upon this to see what my mental limits are.

The API of Irrlicht seems similar to the one for CopperLicht, so, since I can utilize the JavaScript version, could I really not understand the C++ version? Could I really be inferior? I will practice, and I will learn. I will LEARN. I will LEARN if I am inferior. Am I a monkey? Am I an Australopithecus? Am I a Cro-Magnon? Or am I a HUMAN?
wild master
2018-06-09 18:42:00

wild master: The next update will contain a VS 2017 solution which should work out of the box.

And me, 60 years old? Uh, I'm 38 :)
2018-06-11 14:23:00

Progress Report:
I recreated the perfect "LookAt" behavior with Irrlicht, and collision detection with Triangle Selectors, too.

My skeletal system is tired. I shall sleep now.
wild master
2018-06-12 05:08:00

I compiled Irrlicht r5616 as a 64-bit game with the CodeBlocks IDE, even though the maintainers of Irrlicht only included a 32-bit version of the project file. I used an hour of my morning to learn how to do that. I checked Task Manager and it appears as a 64-bit program. I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Nikolaus, do you have interesting opinions to share about these two situations?

1. Apple's possible removal of support for 32-bit programs for Mac OS. (They haven't said with one-hundred-percent clarity whether a point will come when they really won't be usable on Macs, but they've tossed hints.)

2. Apple's deprecation of OpenGL for Mac OS, to coerce customers to use their "Metal" API. (They also haven't said if OpenGL support will eventually be removed completely, but they definitely won't update to newer versions.)

I believe all new programs should be 64-bit, but 32-bit should always be supported, because we have decades of precious software that won't be updated because the creators died, and the source code hasn't been released, so the community cannot recompile it. Imagine if you die today, and I buy an Apple computer during 2020 that doesn't support 32-bit tools. That means I cannot ever use CopperCube 5.7.1 on my new computer, even though it is one of my closest friends.

Do you believe Intel and AMD would be imbeciles if they remove 32-bit support from their processors, or do you believe that removing legacy pieces of hardware is a wise choice for the future, to allow more of each CPU die to be dedicated to new features, and just emulate the old programs?

I won't be mad if you don't answer these, although these subjects could create a great article on this website about the disregard for preservation of software, called "Erase My Memories, Erase My Past: I Was Once A Master, Now I Am a Mute".
wild master
2018-06-13 13:21:00

I remember I was around 16 when I discovered Irrlicht, even used it in a game dev competition (didn't win though, as I spent most my time making the tools (level editor etc.) rather than working on the game play. And guest what, now I'm almost 30. :)
2018-07-20 17:20:00

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