CopperCube 6 Steam Page live

Posted on:May 04 2018

I just created a Steam page for CopperCube 6 Game engine:

Yes, the next CopperCube update will be a major one, namely version 6. There will be some things in there which I think most users will really like, but as usual, I'm not talking much about this before release. But there will be a nice surprise at least.

If you have a Steam account, it would be cool if you could help and add tags to the CopperCube Steam page, tagging it as "Game Development" and similar. I think this also levels up your Steam account, as far as I understand.

Also, did you see the video I made? (I composed the music for it myself, btw.) It's a bit blurry unfortunately, but I will try to improve it until the release, which will still take a bit of time.

The same rule as always applies about getting Coppercube 5 now: If you buy it now from my website, I give you a free update to CopperCube 6 as well once it is released.
Now excuse me, I have to continue working on CopperCube 6. :)


This will be my favorite gift from 2018!

wild master
2018-05-04 14:51:00

I finally viewed the eight images on Steam, and picture number five sent shivers into my limbs.

Then I watched the preview video, and I saw a tiny glimpse of a floating vehicle that slowly rotates vertically. The glimpse is cut short, like the mischief of a deviant who shows food to a dying person and quickly hides it away. I feel a yearning now, a yearning that will crush my focus until the day of the arrival.

"In Summer 2018, my money shall be yours, Sir Nikolaus, because you deserve it. Because you are the lord."
~ I said these words, I even said them twice.
wild master
2018-05-04 18:59:00

Heh :)
2018-05-11 05:58:00

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