CopperCube 5.7.1

Posted on:December 15 2017

I just uploaded version 5.7.1 of the Game Engine CopperCube. This is the 14th free update of Coppercube 5. As a few people already know, there is a bigger release in the making, but since it takes quite a bit of time, this is small update was preponed.

This update includes a lot of improvements to the WebGL tagret and other parts of the engine, you can see the full list here.


We are thankful for your work. Don't die!

Nikolaus: "I won't! My DNA is perfect!"
wild master
2017-12-16 14:42:00

I said it on forum and i repeat this - "Great! Thanks fo fixes"
You are the best! :)
Vitaliy (rolevix
2017-12-24 16:26:00

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