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Posted on:November 21 2017

Since I know how to program, I worked on a lot of games and game related projects. But there are even a few games where it was a 100% one-man-show. Where I created everything myself, in most cases even the graphics, sound and music. Maybe you are reading this blog for some time, so maybe you have heard of some of them:

I could tell you tons and tons of stories about each of these games. (Except of course the latest one, which will be released in two weeks, we'll see how that one will do:) Interestingly, all of these games where successful, meaning they made money, and broke even. But none of these games where a financial hit, either.

I wrote a few lines and linked them if possible from this website, if you are interested: Ambiera Games.


Wow!! I find all this very interesting! I was unaware of Hell Troopers, Gates of Destiny, Conflict Helikon, and Fire and Dragons... Sir!!
2017-11-21 21:17:00

Yes, those are very old :)
2017-11-22 05:16:00

Conflict Helikon came as a surprise for me, too. :)

If there weren't possibly copyright issues with it, the Amagochi would fit nicely as well...
2017-11-22 08:43:00

Niko, maybe it is cheaper if you get help from guys in Manila Philippines for arts and music. I have some friends who are in indie games here in Manila just out of passion.
2017-11-27 04:14:00

Nice idea, but when I work with more people than just me alone, I have people for graphics and music already :)
2017-12-01 07:08:00

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