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Posted on:October 24 2017

Do you also have this problem with people? When they aren't able to read beyond the first sentence you wrote them? For example like here:

User: I have a question with your game engine, it doesn't do XX when I do YY.
Me: Maybe you could try to do AAA, this might help.
    If not, try BBB, or alternatively, you can always do CCC.
User: I've now tried, but AAA doesn't help! Help me!!
Me: As I wrote, you could also try BBB. And if that doesn't help, try CCC, that should do the trick.
User: Thanks for your answer! BBB doesn't help! That really sucks!
Me: Did you try CCC?
User: Thanks! I've solved it now.

See? The problem could have been solved with 5 emails less. That's 70%!
I regularly have email exchanges like this. But also for private stuff via SMS / messenger and sometimes even phone calls. It doesn't seem to be related to age or technical knowledge. Seems just like lazyness.

Not sure how to solve this. Probably reading is the problem. Maybe I should start answering via youtube video. Or I should use a bigger font. Not sure.


Use a chatbot :D
2017-10-24 11:40:00

Would probably be worth it :)
2017-10-24 13:26:00

I always use numbered lists. xD
2017-10-24 14:24:00

"For five decades, I have tried to teach them, but I never could." ~ N.G.

As a very old man, Nikolaus learned what I learned a long, long time ago. Most people are dumb, truly and completely. Stunted by their own laziness, he will never reach them.

On his final day, he will die as a very sad man, because he relied on other people, and they disappointed him almost every time.

A shattered man on the morning of December 25, at the age of 65, Nikolaus Esquire Gebhardt will die, buried in sandstone during a beach vacation, bringing his vast programming knowledge with him. The new young programmers of the future will never quite fully match the talent of our dear Niko, leading to a future of products that are designed without love and care.

A moment before he is crushed, he will be reading an article from his favorite publication. A professor at an esteemed college says he recommends to all of his students that they put micro-transactions in all of their software, even if their products are not games.

After reading the article, Niko will notice the sandstone wall shifting, but he won't move. Bystanders who are questioned by the police will say they believe he noticed the wall beginning to crumble, but he didn't move. A video from a family recording their kids will unintentionally capture Niko in the background, and he will seem to notice the wall beginning to fall, but he won't move. He'll be seen looking at a magazine, then noticing the wall, and standing still.

People will believe he was too afraid to move when he noticed the wall chipping, never knowing that the real answer lies in what he read. Afraid of the future, he'll let the wall take him.

This is the demise of Nikolaus.

This is the cause of the forfeiture of his existence.
wild master
2017-10-24 14:57:00

If you can afford it, just don't answer after the first mail until they have followed instructions in the first mail. Usually they come back, read/follow instructions properly once they figure out the ball is still on their foot. You also get a good laugh at any more follow up mails or thread bumps :)
Only possible if you don't care about alienating anyone unfortunately.
2017-10-24 15:54:00

It might help for certain type of people to format the original points into a numbered list.

So, instead of:
Try, AAA, or if not then BBB or CCC.

1. Try AAA.
2. Alternatively try BBB.
3. Or if those do not help, try CCC.
2017-10-24 18:48:00

Would be an idea. I'll try next time.
2017-10-25 02:21:00

Keep the response under 140 characters, it seems many people have adjusted their internal buffer size ;)
2017-10-25 09:28:00

please read manual / forum etc...
or insert coin to bitcoin jar to receive customized description...
2017-10-25 14:23:00

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