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Posted on:October 08 2017

On my way to the office or generally when on a train or plane, I usually write a bit of code when I can. Creating 3D stuff isn't possible usually, so I write tools, or once, I even wrote a book (named Die Wiederentdeckung der Erde).

Last year, because I was frustrated with the absurd assertions of our local politicians, I programmed the simulation of a state. So that I could for example change the VAT tax rate of Austria, and see what would happen then. It turned out to be quite fun, so I added a user interface to it, and extended it a bit. The result is the Government Simulator:

A simple economic and political simulation game. I will polish it up a bit and release it soon. Here is another shot:

Do you know the "Kill All The Poor" sketch by Mitchell and Webb? This one here:

I wanted to create a simulation just like that. Sounded like fun. There are a lot of features already in that game, and although I haven't written a "Kill all the poor" option, it would be possible. Not sure if I should though.

Anyway, if you think this is a good idea, subscribe to the newsletter of that game to get a mail once it is finished, or tell me in the comments of what you think, or what you would like to have in a game like this. Any feedback is welcome!


This actually sounds pretty cool. Looking forward to playing that!
2017-10-08 13:44:00

Niko lies to us.

He wants us to believe that this is a game, but, as usual, his plans are far more complex than a game designed for joy.

He has seeded many pathways to our demise throughout the ages:

CopperCube, a seemingly-friendly tool, displays subtle glares on screens that cause intense hallucinations. Many people have died.

RocketCake, a website designer, causes bacteria to grow on the computers of users. When RocketCake is running, it makes the electricity inside of the processor shiver in a way that causes bacteria to clump onto it, until the computer is broken, leaving the family in despair as they must find money for a new one. Many families have died.

irrKlang, an audio engine, causes sinful thoughts in the minds of anyone who listens to music that has been produced with it. "The people were not themselves", the doctors say. Many people have died.

Despite his somber intentions, he seems to have infinite patience. His plans have progressed slowly over decades, killing us gradually.

Niko hasn't always had a mind of darkness. He was always a nice man, kind and caring, until one event tainted him. A wicked spark appeared in his mind over one evening, a long, long time ago.

He was sitting on his favorite chair in his yard, enjoying an evening with his children, when he suddenly looked toward his left, and he saw an animal, a vicious, mindless animal, clearly rabid, and he noticed it biting a rat. It bit the rat once, and it died. Regardless of the rat's attempts to overpower the animal, it was too weak, laughably weak. During that moment, the animal showed infinite strength toward the rat. It showed ONE ounce of force toward the rat, and it instantly won. With just ONE move, it WON. After witnessing this behavior, Niko whispered to himself, "I want that power."

Niko wanted to have as much power as the animal, and he has been evil ever since.

This leads us to his newest phase. He is creating a new product, advertised as a game, claiming that it simulates the effects of changes on governments.

It successfully does that, but it's not a simple simulation. Niko is an engineer, he always has been. He can break into the computer systems of governments, he always could, and, this time, he did. When people play his "Government Simulator" game, they will actually be changing variables in real governments. Every person who plays the game will have real effects on governments. Niko thought to himself, "What if I could convince millions of people to mess with government infrastructure at the same time? Could I ruin all life?"

Nikolaus Gebhardt, a cloven-footed man. A wicked, wicked mind. A sinful, sinful, plan.

He has experienced an event that conditioned him to be like this. It is not his fault, but, I warn you, his plans are the opposite of compassionate.

We may not always see him, but he is there, watching us.

"I want that power."

To this day, that rabid animal is the only life form that Niko respects. It died because it was unhealthy, but Niko still keeps its violent demeanor in his memory, as an inspiration for how he wants to be. "Imagine if I can harm people only once, and they will instantly die."

If there's one thing I will tell you, I will tell you this: Beware of the Government Simulator, beware of Nikolaus Gebhardt. He saw a violent animal that easily overpowered a rat, and he wanted that power. He has always wanted it.
wild master
2017-10-08 18:38:00

Ha :)
2017-10-09 05:40:00

Does it have PSY-0PS planning & running module?
It would not be complete without it ;-)
You will find implementation details in Ole Dammegard presentations
at Open Mind Conference channel
2017-10-10 16:40:00

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