CopperCube 5.7 released

Posted on:June 19 2017

I just uploaded CopperCube Game Engine in version 5.7. There are a lot of nice new features included:

  • Realtime Shadows Support

  • Big game support and dynamic level loading

  • Simplified uploading games to Android Play Store

  • D3D Runtime detection

  • Floating point render targets

  • and a lot of other minor changes

For a detailed list of changes, see here.
It is now possible to create a lot more serious and bigger games with the engine. I personally like the fact that the new shadows feature also works so smoothly with WebGL. Will have to update the CopperLicht WebGL library as well in a few days.


The dynamic shadows look AMAZING and work flawlessly! All the other improvements are impressive as well, like the ccbSwitchToCCBFile() and direct Play Store upload. CopperCube is getting better and better - keep it up! :)
2017-06-19 10:37:00

Oh that's just great!! I was just finishing up version 2 of my game... but now that you added ccbSwitchToCCBFile() I have no choice but to stay locked up in my 'coppercube laboratory' forever where I must build version 3... the ultimate and final version!! (i've got the blue prints right here). Thanks a lot!!!
2017-06-19 12:53:00

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