RocketCake 1.5 released

Posted on:May 22 2017

I just uploaded RocketCake 1.5, the free responsive website designer. It now includes a built-in password protection system, so that you can enable password/login on your websites with just a few clicks easily.

There is also now a quick way to reload all images, tons of new templates, improved slide shows, better web editing, and more. See the changelog for details. It really has become quite a mature product now, and I'm surprised at how many people are using it.

But no need to rest, it's probably time for a new CopperCube release. :)


Good job! I'm planning on creating my next website using RocketCake :) Can't wait for the new CC release!!
2017-05-22 11:35:00

This is GREAT!!! Thinking to make my games site on RocketCake soon!
rolevix (Vitaliy
2017-05-22 13:03:00

One idea to make this an extremely popular software, make it able to export the design to a wordpress theme!
2017-05-31 00:16:00

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