Let's play's and my Confusion about them

Posted on:January 11 2017

I just found a "Let's Play" video of a youtuber named Petre who is finding out all the new features in my game. I like how he is experiencing the game and the features:

This was exactly how I hoped people would play the game. But there are others of course, for example a few weeks ago I saw a youtuber standing in the landscape and commenting on how ugly the trees, the grass, the walls in the buildings, the sky and everything looks. After doing this for about 15 minutes, he was slowly dying of thirst because he didn't look for food or water, and just kept on talking about the uglyness of the game. When he finally died because of this, he declared that the game sucked because he died.Not sure what to make of this. I improved the graphics since then a bit, but I'm still confused about all this.


Maybe you should tutor people a bit more. Like guide them to water and food annoying as hell. Make this some neon-bright popping color so it distracts from the other graphics. "Look, what a beautiful arrow!" one might exclaim, "I wonder whether I should go there?" Nah, of course not, better stay around and die nonetheless.

Probably there are just people who in essence would likewise die in real life when they were put in a reasonably similar situation. As they would wonder why no pizza is delivered into the middle of the woods. And they would (presuming they have cell signal) probably post a YouTube video about their dying of hunger and thirst instead of trying to do something about it.
2017-01-11 07:43:00

Also thought about this. More popups, more distractions. That's likely why bad looking zombie games are more successful, you get attacked all the time and don't have any time to look around :)
2017-01-11 08:29:00

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