Posted on:July 29 2016

Well, that was fast. My game was just greenlit today:

I will polish the game quite a bit and refine and beta test it before launching on Steam, so this will take a while. But this is great news! Thanks for all the support and to all the people voting for the game!


Was interesting to watch this whole steam thing, thanks. Also... no mac version?? lots of mac users. once you go mac you never go back!
2016-07-29 21:13:00

Mac is a possibility too, but not very high priority for now. I created lots of software for Mac, but IMO Apple doesnt really care for the developers.
2016-08-04 04:50:00

Who cares what Apple thinks, make a mac version anyways. By the way... this game is fantasic. I purchased a copy and have been playing the webgl version. After some nervous exploring for a few days I finally found a hammer for my nails, and decided to build a small shelter only to realize i needed a saw. Finally found a saw in a recreational vehicle and made some boards from the wood i got from cutting down a few trees the day before. Then I built my shelter and it was satisfiying. I like how I can just close the browser, then later open it and just click 'continue last game'. Keep up the good work.
2016-08-06 12:41:00

Thanks, nice that you liked it so far :)
2016-08-09 16:24:00

Pfff Mac sales are not worth the effort of converting. Trust me, I did it with my game.

People buy Macs now for e-mail and web surfing. If they really want to play games they Boot Camp into Windows.

I guess Tim is over 40 years old, they're the only ones evangelizing for Mac nowadays.
Mac dev
2016-08-12 11:05:00

Mac user here. I once wanted to install boot camp on my iMac to play Smite which is Windows only. Then it hit me.

Why even bother ? There are countless great games on steam for Macos.

I bought my iMac to make 3D art and use the most resource heavy game engine, Unreal. Sure not as fast as a pc but I would not change iMac monitor for any GPU or cpu or both on the planet. iMac monitor makes everything look awesome including games and I don't even own the 5k version.

I bought my iMac to avoid windoom, not install it. If I wanted windoom I would have bought a pc. Sure if I was so desperate I would go boot camp, but with so many options out there for games and software I never felt the need to.

On the other hand I do understand the game and software developers that want to bypass a OS that captures only 3-4% of the market. But in the end I am a Mac fanboy with some tolerance for Linux and zero tolerance for windoom.
2016-08-13 00:26:00

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