Optimizing Memory Usage

Posted on:August 28 2015

I've been working a bit on optimizing speed and memory usage of my not-yet-released free responsive website editor. I'm quite OK with the result so far:

Yes, that's right: the editor is using nearly 3 times less memory for editing a website then Firefox needs for merely showing the website! And it only contains a bit of text and images, no JavaScript or any other fancy stuff. Wondering what the Firefox devs did there.


Huh. My firefox is actually a lot more memory consuming. This is what it looks like having only this site open. http://abload.de/img/firefoxmemusage9nuyd.png
If I have a couple of tabs open (4 or 5), I am well into the gigabytes.
2015-08-29 20:36:00

Woha. Are you running Firefox heavy memory edition? :)
2015-08-30 03:48:00

Observing chrome (one of the page handler processes consuming about the same amount of memory) for a bit it appears to use a considerable amount of memory for rendering the page (this was just a google search result page), but in addition uses about 3 to 5 times as much memory for something else (apparently not touched while interacting a little with it).
No idea what that other memory is used for. It is kind of like dark matter.
2015-09-03 07:51:00

Firefox I think is emulated. So that they don't need to do native code on each OS.
2015-09-11 06:31:00

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