Day/Night cycle in 3D running in your browser

Posted on:July 18 2015

So I finally was able to code a small update for Endtime at Home, the game I use for prototyping new features for CopperCube. It now has a realtime day/night cycle, you can make light using a flash light, torch or match sticks, there is now a UI, a world map, and more:

You can try the game out directly in your browser, if you have Chrome or Firefox. I hear it also runs nicely on the iPad, in Safari. Maybe Apple finally fixed their WebGL bugs.
The same scene at sunset:

It should run fast even on slow computers, but it is pure JavaScript, after all. :)


the night render seems to have fog too?
2015-07-28 05:11:00

WASD keys are not the same for every country ;) you should take care of that, don't you ?
2015-08-09 08:33:00

Yes, the fog is always there, also in the night. Like in the real world :)
Ah, you are probably right about WASD. But you could still use the cursor keys instead.
2015-08-21 05:25:00

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