Cities: Skylines Review

Posted on:March 14 2015

About 25 (!) years ago, I played the first SimCity. You could build your own city, with streets, electricity and everything, and try to let it withstand catastrophic events like Godzilla or nuclear metldowns. It was great. I spent a lot of time with it. I also played Sim City 2000 as a teenager, but I didn't try the newer versions, especially not the latest incarnation from 2013, called simply 'SimCity' (without a number), which apparently sucked, according to many reviews.
Then, a few days ago, a SimCity style game named Cities: Skylines was released. I saw a few Youtube reviews of it, and was fascinated. I bought it, and had even a few (much too less) hours to play it. This is the city I built so far:

Boy, is this game fun. It has all the features you'd expect from a modern city building simulation. And it is quite impressive. You can build very huge cities with streets and layouts as you like, as here:

And zoom into every detail of your city, and follow every car, truck or even person:

Playing it gives you the same feeling as the old Transport Tycoon did, but with todays modern graphics. The game has so many options and features, it doesn't get boring quickly. It is also very impressive from a technical perspective, because it seems every person and car is actually simulated. It felt wrong paying only 27 euro for this. Not sure why they are selling it that cheap. Same for the name of the game: Why is it that strange?
Anyway, if you like city simulations, I can really recommend this game. Too bad I don't have much time for playing.


Now this prompted me to buy it myself - and immediately played until 3 in the morning :) A really nice game, with a lot of stuff I always wished to have in SimCity. Though I did trash my first city by not planning ahead ;)
2015-03-18 08:03:00

Yes, did the same with mine.. :)
2015-03-19 16:31:00

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