Our Steam Greenlight Progress so far

Posted on:January 15 2015

About 3 months ago, I added CopperCube to Steam Greenlight, Valve's pipeline for testing if unknown games and apps are worth for publishing them onto their game selling platform 'Steam'.

We've received primarily only positive feedback on that page so far, but the amount of votes isn't as high as I thought they would be. I think one reason for this might be the Steam User interface update: Today, it is not easy to find the Greenlight pages anymore, especially not the ones for apps (instead of games). First, you have to click the rarely used top Menu Community -> Greenlight.

And then, you still need to select "software" manually from the again rarely used menu:

Not very easy to stumble upon it that way. But I'm not sure if this is actually the reason for the low amount of votes, maybe there is some other one, and I don't have any values for comparison.

Anyway, I was quite happy to see that so far, most people voted with "yes please!" for CopperCube, even 71%:

However, as mentioned, there is this huge drop in visits:

Seems like the the visits went down to nearly zero around November 10th. Very strange.

But anyway, let's see if this will go somewhere. If you haven't voted on Steam for CopperCube yet, it would be nice if you would do this and help me a bit!
I'll post updated stats in a few months again.

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