Working with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Posted on:April 25 2014

I am currently doing a bit of work on Ubuntu, to be more precise on their just released version 14.04 LTS. It was quite a pleasure installing it, much has changed since I tried my first Linux distribution (I think it was Suse 7.0 back in 2000). It also works perfectly with all my exotic hardware, to my surprise. I am used to have to spend days searching through web forums for the right configuration file change or shell command to make everything work correctly, but this time everything worked. Cool.

I'm not sure how popular Linux is, and if users on there are also paying for software (I don't think so), but it maybe would be an idea to port some of my software to that platform as well.


I'd like to install it - but it insists on blowing away my 13.10 installation and all it's data, installed programs etc.

Maybe later.
Joe Guy
2014-04-25 18:25:00

They still don't manage to do that correctly? Oh boy...
2014-04-26 06:32:00

Upgrading from within 13.10 to 14.04 did work without a hitch, after it downloaded updated packages for quite some time the actual upgrade finished quite quick and no data had gone away as far as I can tell.
2014-04-28 08:29:00

Linux users seem to consistently out-spend other platform users in Humble Bundle sales:

There are users, and they spend money on software.
2014-04-28 13:13:00

My company sells software on Windows, OSX and Linux - Linux users moan about the cost more and are unreasonably demanding about features. Less than 5% of our sales are on Linux. We're thinking about dropping the platform on the next release.

Don't be fooled by the Humble Bundle statistics - a small number of Linux users pay big bucks to make a point, and a large number of Windows users pay a little because they're poor.

Linux users will kill your business, at least until Linux goes mainstream.
2014-04-29 20:00:00

Thanks, that's really insightful.
2014-04-30 05:21:00

Try Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu), and you will blown away with its features, ease of use, and configuration of software. It has long surpassed Ubuntu in popularity and IMHO seriously good. Everything Ubuntu runs on it. Try Cinnamon - Ubuntu edition. See for yourself. Ubuntu lost traction since 10.04 LTS.
kinjal kishor
2014-05-02 01:50:00

@Shakes can i get the source of your claim about the Humble Bundle, thanks. I could not find any listing for all the payments and its value regarding the OS.

Besides that, can you talk more about your company ( not the name or any specific things ) e.g. what kind of products do you sell, when did you choose to support linux and why, thanks in advance.

best regards, Dustin.
2014-06-08 09:15:00

I have linux (Ubuntu 14.04 also!) and pay for apps. Some hundreds in games and some other stuff, but mostly of the software I use is free and open source - and better than alternatives that exist for linux... If there isn't a good software that does what I want, it's coding time! But most of my money goes on online stuff - servers for websites, storage, games, books and movies - also TV with Netflix... Do a nice port and people will buy, don't just shove Wine under.. because it will suck...
2014-09-26 02:52:00

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