Oculus Rift CopperCube integration test

Posted on:March 21 2014

So now I finally sat down and programmed a test to see if Oculus Rift support in CopperCube would be possible/easy/nice to have. And although CopperCube uses a left handed coordinate system, I wanted to work it with D3D9 instead of D3D10 and other smaller unusual technical obstacles, it was relatively easy to implement. On my system, I now have a build of CopperCube capable of creating Windows apps which use the Oculus Rift:

It's cool with the headset on and running in 'real 3d' through your own 3D worlds.
I didn't implement all necessary features yet, for example 2D elements won't work yet. Also, I don't think particle systems will look correct without adaptions, it will be fun to try them out. All in all, there is still much work to do, but chances are now really high that the next free update of CopperCube will include Oculus Rift support.


Wow! Very excited about this indeed! Looking forward to the next update.
2014-03-22 08:13:00

Me too :)
2014-03-22 10:35:00

Will Oculis Rift be the thing of the future?
2014-03-26 02:15:00

Maybe. Facebook just bought it.
2014-03-26 09:54:00

Hello Nico. Recent years I'm more committed to teaching than with programming. Fortunately, I see that you continue to develop your product. I found a many nice surprises, close to my dreams. I think that would be really useful in the system of education. Opportunities for mobility is very desirable in this area. Soon I'm going to write an article about it. As I recall, years ago, you are starting to develop physical simulation in your editor. Are this feature still is in your future plans? Could be useful not only in the creation of games, but in lessons related with physical simulation. There are a many ideas related. This is not so difficult. I was tried with Newton engine in my editor with Irrlicht in the past an all was possible with your Irrlicht serialization. Even Undo system for physics not required additional code. I do not know if it's possible for mobility that your product provides. I will decide me to disguise about it later.
Just one more suggestion. /Realistic water shader system/ This functionality can even be useful on marketing :)
Beat regards!
2014-03-31 21:56:00

Yes, rigid body physics is already planned and pretty the next big thing on the list to be implemented.
2014-04-02 06:31:00

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