IE11 and WebGL - broken?

Posted on:November 06 2013

I just recently read that Microsoft is praising its Internet Explorer 11 for its speed and feature completeness. Unfortunately, somehow I cannot agree, specifically when it comes to WebGL, which is now also supported in this latest browser version, which you get when you update to Windows 8.1.
In short: Somehow, on all my test systems, nearly all WebGL demos I try in IE11 are comparably slow, and look completely buggy. In contrast to when run in Google Chrome or Firefox. Here is an example:

This is from the CopperCube Dynamic Light demo, a very small, simple scene demonstrating dynamic light and normal maps.
Another example:

This is from the Backyard demo, an a bit bigger scene. Obviously, some shaders are not running correctly at all. I get a similar behavior from other demos around the web. In some cases, even some parts of the 3D scenes where completely missing, or displaying garbage.

I tried this on three different systems, all with NVidia hardware unfortunately (would like to try IE11 on some AMD device). On two of my systems, most demos look broken. On one of them, IE isn't even able to compile the necessary shaders for the demos and fails running it completely.

I wonder if I am very unlucky, and this only happens for me, or if other people also discovered similar problems. Maybe not many people have upgraded to Windows 8.1 yet, who knows.
Since I'm the author of CopperLicht, I'll try to take a deeper look into the problems causing this very soon.

Update: After seeing this blog post, Microsoft contacted me and told me they will look into this issue and try to improve the situation. Let's see. :)


Same here. Looks like they still need some work on their implementation.
2013-11-06 14:05:00

I downloaded the RTM release of IE11 for Windows 7, and can conform the WebGL implementation is subpar, even after getting the latest drivers for my laptop's Geforce GTX 260M. Maybe it will be decent in IE12 for Windows 8.2...
2013-11-08 03:53:00

Hey, any chance you could share the contact at MS ? I have also have so tech, I managed to get "everything" to work on IE11 - and by everything I mean everything that could ;) I have a list of issues ready to submit if I can find someone to contact there.
Pierre Renaux
2013-12-08 14:54:00

Hm, not sure if they want me giving out their email adresses, but it appears like they are reading here and on, so maybe you could also post that there?
2013-12-11 08:17:00

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