Procedural generation of Cities

Posted on:October 06 2013

For my side project game Endtime At Home, I now implemented the first version of city generation. I wrote some details about this on the game's blog, and I'm really happy about how it looks now. It's nothing spectacular for now, but it is a beginning. The game engine now can create a more structured 3d world, where it can place interesting things and connect them. Like in this case, it can place cities and connect them with streets. Here is a rural area vs. city comparison:

There is still much work to do, but it is a very nice code base to continue working on. People who preordered the game in order to support the development (thanks, btw! This is a very nice motivation!) can try out the alpha with the new cities in the game already now.


I did not notice the new site for the game -- interesting, but why separate the blogs? Keeping them together would make it easier for you and provide users with more to read.

Going by what happened with your book, I'm assuming pre-ordering is going well. Good luck with this -- and have fun!

I'm also interested in how your price will change over time. Starting day zero at almost ten pounds is 16USD or 17AUD. Do you plan to gradually change it, or just do an instant changeover to the full price of 20 pounds when it's deemed finished?

NB, you should sell your game in Volts/Cycles (V/C) units rather than pounds. That way Americans have to pay more than Australians >:)
2013-10-06 10:50:00

I also thought about only one blog, but I think readers interested in the game wouldn't be that interested in the stuff I post here, so I made a second blog :)
Price: Yes, I'll change it once released, not gradually. Volts would be an idea :)
2013-10-06 16:49:00

clearly, you should have made a folder on the game's website and put everything in there. :)
2013-10-09 05:01:00

Yes, that was the plan, but then I somehow decided it was stupid :)
2013-10-09 06:46:00

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