Amazed by Microsoft Developer Support

Posted on:July 16 2013

About 12 hours ago, I sent a mail to Microsoft, regarding some problem I have, developing software for their platform, Windows. Known from how you are treated by other companies, I was surprised that I received a useful, friendly answer just a few minutes ago, in the length of about 15 lines which actually helped me, and was written manually in response to my specific question. I am baffled.
I try to answer support mail of my customers in the same way. Sometimes, this is not always possible, but usually, I answer within 24 hours. My company is small, and I have just a few customers. But that Microsoft is able to do this as well is really surprising. Great work. Especially when you look at companies like Google, who don't even seem to have support. The best you get is an automatic response by some python script, or similar.


What was the problem? What was the answer?
2013-07-16 18:10:00

It was something with their app store, I had a problem/question regarding my account/app. They looked into it, explained and solved the problem and forwarded it to the devs responsible to improve it.
2013-07-17 12:18:00

Great support is the key to building an audience and gaining user trust, IMHO. Here's one more recent example:
2013-07-18 17:02:00

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